How To Use Google Analytics To Form A Content Strategy For SEO Part 2

How To Use Google Analytics To Form A Content Strategy Part 2

In SEO Sydney’s we took a look at how to use two Google Analytics reports to help form a content strategy – the Channels report and the Landing Pages report. Today we’re going to look at two other reports that are highly beneficial for content planning – New vs. Returning Visitors and Frequency & Recency.

The New vs. Returning Visitors report can be accessed in your Google Analytics account by navigating to “Audience,” “Behaviour,” and then “New vs. Returning.” Here we can see how many of our site visitors were either new visitors or returning visitors over our defined time period. In this example, we can see that the majority of visitors are new visitors.

This report shows you how successful your content is at either building brand awareness to attract new visitors or nurturing your existing audience and encouraging them to return. If your number of returning visitors is relatively low, you may want to start producing more quality content in order to keep your audience coming back.

The Frequency vs. Recency report can be found under “Audience,” “Behaviour,” and then “Frequency vs. Recency.” Here you can determine how often your audience returns to your site in two ways – amount of sessions and amount of days between sessions. By clicking on “Days Since Last Session” we can see that for people who visit this website more than once, most return more than a week later. If this is the case for you, you may want to push out new content on a more regular basis to encourage people to visit more frequently. If you are still looking to find some more information on these reports, check out this article how to use the Google Analytics New vs. Returning Visitors reports.

Next time we will take a look at two other reports that can be used to inform your content strategy – Site Search and Behaviour Flow. 

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