Duplicate Keywords On Webpages & Their Effect On SEO


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In relation to duplicated keywords, SEO Sydney found that when the number of duplicated keywords in a web page title increased, its visibility in a search engine results list also increased. However, this was only when it was up to three duplications or less. If the duplications occurred more than three times, then there showed a downturn in terms of visibility performance in a SERP. Therefore, based off these figures, it was established that a point of diminishing returns exists at four duplicated keywords in a web page title.

However, for body text keyword duplication, this point of diminishing returns does not exist. It was found that as the number of duplicated keywords in the body text of a web page increased, so too does the visibility in the results list of a search engine.

When web pages had keywords in both the title and body, they achieved better search engine visibility than the web pages with keywords only in body and the web pages with keywords only in titles. Interestingly, it was also noted that web pages with keywords only in the body achieved better results than those with keywords only in titles.

In terms of the layout features of a website, there is no significant difference between the original web page and web pages with font colour changes, font case changes, font size changes, plural form changes, or adjectival changes in terms of their visibility performance. Search engines are apparently blind to design features that, while not important in terms of retrieval, are important in terms of positive user responses.

Using the information generated from these results, certain factors can be focused upon to present a concise product which will return desirable SEO results. Understanding the balance between the level of concentration and dilution of information can prove to be imperative in conveying a front-end message while still adhering to the necessary back-end practices of SEO to direct positive traffic to your web page. If you are wanting to read more on duplicate content and the importance of it in your SEO, you can check out this article, read our article on hidden rank keywords or get in touch with an SEO expert here at SEO Sydney.

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