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In defining UX customer persona we must answer a series of questions to determine the ideal audience for our product or service. We will be looking to find out who the buyers are in Sydney, what they are trying to accomplish, what goals drive their behaviour, how they think, why they make these decisions, and how, when and where they buy. This process aims to not only determine who the target market is, but why they are the target market and what UX can be designed for them. It focuses upon understanding the buyer’s behaviour to shape content to cater to their actions.

In-depth research is essential in establishing customer persona as it’s these results that show where we will find the buyer we are catering for. Customer research involves the techniques of qualitative research, ethnographic research and business and digital anthropology. This can include interviews, surveys, focus groups, or also thorough secondary research aimed to find behavioural trends in your market. Google Analytics is a useful and necessary tool to better understand the metrics behind your website, and Neil Patel has proposed 5 must-know Google Analytic strategies. By understanding your audience and how they interact with your brand online, you can then tailor and modify your SEO where needed.

One way of utilising Google Analytics is through the ‘demographics’ tab, found here under audience. If you click on the tab, you will get a drop down menu, including ‘gender’ and ‘age’. While general, these demographics are a great way to begin understanding your audience and learning how you can better capture their attention and needs. Make time and energy to look at Google Analytics to better understand your website and how it can be improved through SEO. To make the results relevant to your business, the research techniques need to be tailored to provide conclusive data specific to your product. Asking probing questions like, “what causes certain buyers to invest in my product, and what is different about buyers who are satisfied with the status quo,” will provide the kind of answers to help form a customer persona.

Once established, a customer persona will reveal insights about your buyers’ decisions. Knowing the behavioural and attitudinal traits of your market will assist in adhering to customer expectations and criteria in managing sector alignment and content development to set your business as a differentiator from your competitors.

At SEO Sydney the factors and questions discussed have been carefully considered to assist in positioning our agency at the forefront of SEO. With both front and back-end strategies considered in our services, much information can be lost in translation between company and client communications. Having developed an understanding of our market and the possible communication issues that may arise, we are able to proactively combat any such difficulties through creating additional feedback avenues. These are presented in the form of client consultations and organisational transparency as a means of creating clarity with the service we provide.

To create further distinction from our competitors, SEO Sydney also offers additional services, such as video and content development, to enhance the depth of the website and maximise the volume of optimisation we can provide for our client. Check us out if this is something that you may be interested in!

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