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In today’s digital age, it is now easier than ever to receive information via images and video. According to WordStream, the increasing trend for companies to shift their marketing efforts towards video content is evident in the staggering 87% of online marketers now using video, with more than 72 hours worth uploaded to YouTube every minute. In today’s Podcast, SEO Sydney will be explaining the 6 top tips for video strategy.

Traditionally, search engines have been programmed to explore text, but with the right search engine optimisation techniques, video content can be an important part of your strategy to improve rankings. Entrepreneur magazine estimates that well made video content is up to 50 times more likely to rank on Google’s first page when compared to other purely text based results. So if you are looking to bring your website up to date and create meaningful video content, the following tips will make sure you are getting the most out of this new SEO opportunity.

First of all, ask yourself why are you creating your content? Who is the target, and what are you hoping to achieve? Answering these questions will help you choose which platform is the most appropriate to host your video. Keep in mind that Google and YouTube rank videos differently, and according to Stone Temple Consulting, their rankings can vary almost 57% of the time for the same keyword search.

For example, using the search term “how to do yoga” yielded one video result on google of a woman using a pink mat, however when this same search term is used in Youtube that number one ranked video was the 8th video on the page. Youtube was showing ‘how to’ results for beginners yoga, whereas as Google was showing an array of guides involving written text and images. Youtube users are more likely to be looking for entertainment, and are visiting the site with the intention to watch videos. Whereas the same keyword search in Google could rank different results as the search engine attempts to find the best information in answering your query.


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It is important that when you are deciding which keywords should be associated with your content, you understand what terms are frequently used in each search engine, as they will inevitably reveal different results.

What’s more, remember that video doesn’t directly include text, so you need to optimise your ability to appear in search engine results by adding text that search bots can read.

Using keywords in the title, description and even a transcript of the content, will not only increase your ability to appear on SERPs, but it can increase your SEO of your whole site by adding additional naturally flowing keyword content. This is why at SEO Sydney we make sure we are optimising our video content at every opportunity. This has been bringing in great results so far, with our videos appearing in organic searches for related terms. We recommend this strategy to every brand and business.

Following these SEO tips for video optimisation should help you increase your content’s visibility and yield higher organic traffic. If your video content is great, not only will it bring in more traffic, but also potentially increase your customer base and conversion rates, which is what every business should be striving towards. Of course, you might also be wondering how to increase the share-ability of your video content. Otherwise, we have more great tips and advice on SEO Sydney for all things SEO, so go check it out!

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