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October 3, 2018

The Impact of Google Analytics Metric Information on SEO Rankings Part 2

Let us tell you about some other Google Analytics factors and explain if and how they can impact your SEO rankings.
September 16, 2018

The Impact of Google Analytics Metric Information on SEO Rankings Part 1

As Google are not directly using your Google Analytics data, we will discuss how the user metrics that the program measures are important to your SEO.
September 12, 2018

6 Things You Need To Know About Video SEO Strategy Part 2

Video content has a considerably higher chance of being shared than text; by simply linking a ‘share’ button to your videos you create an opportunity for viewers to post it to social media and other webpages. This is an essential part of your video SEO strategy as it will create organic links back to your website which Google will use in its ranking criteria.
September 4, 2018

6 Things You Need To Know About Video SEO Strategy Part 1

Traditionally, search engines have been programmed to explore text, but with the right search engine optimisation techniques, video content can be an important part of your strategy to improve rankings.
March 26, 2018

Why SEO Focuses Most On Google Rankings & Not Yahoo, MSN or Bing

In SEO, many of the practices implemented prioritise the improvement a site’s ranking on Google over most other search engines, such as Yahoo, MSN, and Bing, but there are a multitude of reasons as to why Google is the primary choice of search engine for SEO.
March 26, 2018

2/2 Can SEO Alone Build Brand Equity?

Essentially, brand equity can be improved through effective SEO practices. A well-implemented SEO campaign can build upon more than just a website’s ranking.
March 13, 2018

1/2 Can SEO Alone Build Brand Equity?

With the understanding that Internet users are more responsive to non-sponsored links compared to their sponsored counterparts, it is important for businesses to identify ways to maximise organic web traffic to their website.
March 5, 2018

Duplicate Keywords On Webpages & Their Effect On SEO

In relation to duplicated keywords, it was found that when the number of duplicated keywords in a web page title increased, its visibility in a search engine results list also increased.
March 2, 2018

The Impact Of Website Content Characteristics On Search Engine Rankings

The characteristics of webpage content are factors that need to be considered when seeking to improve a website’s ranking in search engines.

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