Digital Marketing

This SEO TV webisode category focuses on a variety of subject matter that encompasses many elements of digital marketing. Digital marketing as a discipline can include SEO, PPC, conversion optimisation etc. etc…  Digital Marketing is an ever changing environment and as such we keep our finger on the pulse to produce the most relevant digital marketing videos for you and your business.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a robust and incredibly informative Google product that every site should have installed as part of their website performance KPI’s. The information that Google Analytics provides allows website owners and heads of business alike to make informative decisions about marketing budgets and strategy through rich and diverse website data. The power of Google Analytics is displayed as part of a series of videos presented by SEO TV in Sydney. The videos provide key insights into how to best use Google Analytics as way of making crucial marketing decisions. Watch them here.

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SEO Sydney produces SEO self help webisodes aimed at demystifying and alleviating confusion around SEO. The webisodes aim to provide clarity in a confusing and sometimes difficult situation that most businesses face when trying to choose the correct SEO provider for their digital marketing needs. We look at latest SEO trends, algorithmic changes, SEO best practice design, UX (user experience) & conversion optimisation.  Sit back, relax and take in clear and concise SEO information that will both inform and enlighten.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a series of TV episodes created by SEO Sydney TV to provide hints and tips on the best ways to utilise social media to its full potential. We show you how to take full potential of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, by advising how and where you should place your paid ads, as well as how to run a social media page and competition. We also give you an inside look into how to run a social media campaign by taking an in-depth look at Focus Search’s recent Prince Welcome2Australia online campaign.

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