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Social listening strategies to engage with audiences on social media.

(Outlines the importance of social listening, strategies to engage with audiences and tools for social listening.)

The world as we know it today is filled with a myriad of brands in each sector of business. it is beyond important to create a positive brand image, reputation and build resonance with your clientele. As consumers are very socially and ethically aware today, they have opinions that they wish to share with other customers. You don’t want your brand to be known for the wrong reasons such as service mishaps or PR scandals which can create a ripple effect of negative social media mentions.

This is why it’s necessary to consistently track your brand’s social media channels and identify any comments, shares or other red flags that could negatively impact your business.

This brings us to a technique called social listening. This process involves the monitoring of your social media platforms for any customer feedback, discussions and direct mentions of your brand around specific keywords, topics, competitors, or industries to understand the way consumers are interacting with and feeling about your brand.

Acquiring user sentiment data and analysing brand perceptions allows you to create the kind of content your followers actually want to see. It gives you the opportunity to come up with new ideas drawn from industry trends and improve your customers’ experience on different touchpoints of their consumer journey by interacting directly with them and continuously evolving your brand to fit them.

For instance, Burberry was involved in a public PR scandal in July 2018 where information that they burn unsold clothes was leaked. This was an immense environmental and ethical scandal and it was crucial that the brand responded promptly. 

Using tools such as social blade can help you track the interactions with your brand in a very measurable way. 

Social blade offers Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and other platform social listening dashboards and reports to analyze your online presence. The platform uses real-time brand monitoring to track direct messages and brand-specific keywords. 

In Burberry’s case we can see that now in 2019 they are performing overall relatively well on Twitter with a B-graded online presence. If you scroll down on the Social Blade insights, you can see that in July 2018 when the clothes burning scandal broke out, their follower numbers went down.

This shows the direct correlation of users’ interactions online with Burberry with it’s temporary brand image taint through the loss in their large following.

These are hence priceless insights that can help you consistently track and improve your social strategy and respond to matters linked to your brand that can be extremely detrimental if not dealt with. Social blade also helps you track keywords related to your products and the industry you form part of.

Another platform with which you can track your consumer’s interactions with your brand is Hootsuite. This social media marketing and management dashboard helps you build, grow and maintain relationships with your social media followers. Hootsuite allows you to view all your messages, comments, and brand mentions across several social media platforms all in one concise dashboard. It also gives you the ease to respond to all of them through this all-in-one platform.

Tools like Social Blade are great to not only track how consumers in your target market view your brand but their experience with your competitor’s brand as well. This allows you to stay ahead of the game and use the insights you gain into your competitors’ strategies and current products, new products and customer complaints to gain an edge. If you find out that your competitors are doing badly on a certain are, take the Burberry example again, then you can show how well you are doing in that area, for example being really environmentally friendly and ethical. This will help not only retain your current customers’ but additionally gain a significant amount of new customers and increase your market share.

Seeking such social insights about your own company while also being mindful of the competition can help you tailor your content strategy to give audiences what they are looking for. You can add what your customers want to see in your blogs and other social media platforms such as Instagram to really build a meaningful connection with your target audience. This will increase their purchase rate and repeat purchases in turn. 

Thank you for watching our SEO TV video. We hope that with these new insights into social listening you will build and maintain your desired brand image more effectively. If you want to explore more topics on SEO-related topics, check out SEO Sydney today

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