Optimising Google knowledge panel for your business profile

Optimising your Google Business Profile during COVID lockdown

In the midst of Covid-19, lockdown measures are making local search optimisation for your SMB’s Google Business Profile increasingly important When users search the first thing they are likely to notice is the Google Knowledge Panel appearing on the right side of the SERP. If someone is searching for your local business this will appear […]

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Optimising videos SEO Sydney Google search

Optimising Videos for Google’s Featured Snippets

Video content is in increasingly high demand all over the web, making up over 70% of all consumer web traffic. People who watch videos on a page are also 64% more likely to make a purchase! Obviously, the benefits of video content should not be overlooked. One way to make use of the demand is […]

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Topic cluster SEO Sydney Company

What Is A ‘Topic Cluster’ and How to Make It Work for Your SEO Strategy

So, Why Use Topic Clusters? In an ever-changing, always evolving world of search engine algorithms; it’s important to keep up with the ways in which Google ranks pages. It changes almost every day! In the past, to have a successful website ranking in SERP’s (search engine result pages) keywords were, well… key. But each year […]

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Content Strategies for the Renewable Energy Industry Infographic Example - SEO Sydney

Content Strategies for the Renewable Energy Industry

Is your business in the renewable energy industry? Are you looking to improve your content marketing strategy? Here are the best kinds of content strategies for the renewable energy industry: being educational, establishing credibility, building trust and increasing transparency. These content strategies for the renewable energy industry not only help to build a positive reputation […]

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magento vs shopify | SEO Sydney Company | Best eCommerce Platform

Best Ecommerce Platform? Magento vs Shopify

Venturing into the ecommerce business can be intimidating, this transition can be made easier with the online store platforms Magento and Shopify. Whilst you may have heard of both platforms, each are vastly different and depending on your needs one may be more suited to your business. Functionality Both Magento and Shopify are functional and […]

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Code SEO Sydney | H1 Tags

Are H1 Tags Critical for Search Ranking?

What are they and why are they important? H1 tags can have an immense impact on factors such as traffic and ranking on search engine result pages (SERP). According to Google, 80% of their results on their first page use a H1 tag. An example of how the tags can improve visibility of a company […]

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Google search results update | Domain Diversity | SEO Sydney Agency

Google Updates Search Results – More Domain Diversity

Introduction Google new update in June 2019 focused on its search results by promoting more domain diversity. Therefore, allowing no more than two rankings for domains to occupy in a particular SERP. The effect affected all the three types of search query– navigational, informational and transactional. Key Findings: a)   More Diverse search results Over the […]

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Instagram SEO Sydney SEO

Instagram SEO: Optimising Instagram for Search Engines

A brand’s social presence is everything, which is where Instagram SEO comes in. Marketing your Instagram profile should extend beyond Instagram itself. Getting your Instagram account to rank in Google’s (SERP’s) Search Engine Results Pages results has proven to be notoriously difficult. Why? Because Instagram actually blocks search engines from indexing Instagram images. Profiles themselves […]

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ecommerce tracking | Google Tag Manager (GTM) Agency Sydney SEO

How to Use Google Tag Manager (GTM) for Better eCommerce Tracking

If you have some Digital marketing knowledge, then you already know how important data is to you as a marketer. Whichever type of website you might have, having a data providing tool that analyses how people interact with your website, is essential. In such a case, you might be already familiar with Google Analytics. Google […]

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Dark Patterns | Sydney SEO

How Dark Patterns Damage Your Search Index Ranking

This blog post will introduce dark patterns, a common concept in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, the different types of dark patterns and the damages they may bring to a website’s search index ranking, client base and reputation. What are Dark Patterns?  For those unfamiliar with the term, dark patterns are user […]

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