SEO Sydney Shortening URLs with for SEO

Shortening URLs for SEO: How can help with your SEO strategy?

Content consumers today are immersed in a sea of information from a myriad of different websites and social media channels. It is becoming increasingly hard to capture and retain their attention and organisations must update their marketing tactics for this reason. Social media is a massively expanding industry that has fuelled the growth of the […]

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Image of QR codes SEO Sydney

How Will QR Codes & Their Relationship With Blockchain Transform SEO?

Do you ever wonder what the bridge between the ‘offline’ and online media world would look like? It looks a little something like a pixelated square box with a hidden meaning, but instead of further describing it, take a look for yourself below. This paper-based hyperlink which connects the physical and online world is known […]

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SEO Sydney Baidu SEO

Baidu SEO: How To Optimise Your Website For China’s Largest Search Engine

If your business is looking to expand into China, knowing how to optimise your website for Baidu is essential for success. We provide a comprehensive breakdown of Baidu SEO and what it means to be search engine friendly in China. Baidu is China’s primary search engine and is far more popular with Chinese Internet users […]

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Building Successful Landing Pages for Website Optimisation SEO Sydney

Building Successful Landing Pages for Website Optimisation

You have just set up your ideal website and want to start gaining some organic search traffic. You are beginning to become unsure how to gain audience attention. If this sounds familiar, then it is time to consider keyword optimisation and high value content driven landing pages. Let’s start to contribute to the internet in […]

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Staying Relevant: Repurposing and Evergreen Content

For years you’ve been creating high performing content for your site, but what if that content has been sitting there too long and it starts gathering dust? Will it start to become irrelevant and have a negative impact on your SEO? This post will show you how to refresh or repurpose your content and create […]

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SEO sydney company

Ranking Content In The Featured Snippet

Ranking Content in The Featured Snippet Ranking content in the featured snippet is important nowadays due to the importance Google is giving them. When a user asks a question in Google Search, Google programmatically detects pages that answer that query and displays the best and more accurate summary of the answer in a snippet that […]

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SEO Sydney- Black Hat - Fyre Festival

How Fyre Festival Basically Ran A Black-Hat SEO Campaign

Described as the “greatest party that never happened” Fyre Festival, in digital marketing terms is the music festival equivalent of a black-hat SEO campaign. Led by con artist Billy McFarland, the festival promised thousands of millennials a luxurious music festival in the Bahamas. Unfortunately, the expectation of beachfront villas was soon overcome by a dismal […]

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Sydney SEO Amazon Optimisation a9

SEO for Amazon: Understanding and leveraging the A9 Algorithm

SEO for Amazon With SEO such a crucial factor in the success of online businesses, the importance of understanding SEO for Amazon cannot be underestimated. As I’m sure you’re aware, the growth of Amazon has been remarkable in the past few years. From relatively humble beginnings in the mid 90’s, this online ‘bookstore’ has transformed […]

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SEO Sydney Commercial Search Intent

Using Google Site Kit To Optimise Keywords For User Intent

Google launched their very own WordPress plug-in, Site Kit, late last year and has been generating much excitement amongst website developers and site owners alike. Site Kit combines key Google tools including Google Analytics, Search Console, Page Speed Insights and Adsense into one interface. What’s more – all this information will be accessible on your […]

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Integrating Storytelling into SEO Content Strategies - SEO Sydney

Integrating Storytelling Into SEO Content Strategies

Content marketing has grown exponentially in recent years. Swarmed by invasive sales and direct advertising, consumers are now drawn to the genuineness and affability in a brand. Likewise, the myriad of products and services saturating the marketplace have overwhelmed consumers with a vast number of choices. However, more often consumers would rather find one option […]

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