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Instagram SEO: How to Optimise Your Instagram Account for Search Engines

A brand’s social presence is everything, which is where Instagram SEO comes in. Marketing your Instagram profile should extend beyond Instagram itself. Getting your Instagram account to rank in Google’s (SERP’s) Search Engine Results Pages results has proven to be notoriously difficult. Why? Because Instagram actually blocks search engines from indexing Instagram images. Profiles themselves […]

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How to Use Google Tag Manager (GTM) for Better eCommerce Tracking.

If you’ve some Digital marketing knowledge, then you already know how important data is to you as a marketer. Whichever type of website you might have, having some sort of data providing tool that analyses how people interact with your website, is essential. In such a case, you might be already familiar with Google analytics. […]

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dark patterns

How Dark Patterns Damage Your Search Index Ranking

This blog post will introduce dark patterns, a common concept in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, the different types of dark patterns and the damages they may bring to a website’s search index ranking, client base and reputation. What are Dark Patterns?  For those unfamiliar with the term, dark patterns are user […]

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What’s The Best Attribution Model For Your Business?

The fundamentals There’s no doubt that digital marketing in this day and age is dispersed with more devices, browsers and users than ever. As a result, deciding which attribution model to implement is an inevitable challenge. The the process of tracing the journey of a consumer through the sales cycle is an increasingly complex task. […]

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Elements of UX design can be utilised to boost on page SEO metrics.

Strategically Integrating UX Design to Improve your on Page SEO Metrics (Bounce Rate, Pages Per Session And Session Time)

In the world of SEO today, there is an increased emphasis on providing meaningful content to users, and Google’s search engine ranking algorithm reflects this. As a result, User Experience (UX) is becoming increasingly relevant to discussions about on page SEO strategy. To learn more about what UX actually is, head to our blog, which […]

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Is Shopify good for SEO

SEO Limitations When Utilising Shopify & How to Solve Them

Everyone can agree that a well-optimised website is essential in today’s world of eCommerce. So, how do you choose the right CMS platform for your business? Should you choose Shopify? WooCommerce? Or maybe Magneto? Well, a common choice for new and small businesses is Shopify. With more than 820,000 merchants in 2019, Shopify is quickly […]

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google e-a-t

What Exactly Is A Google E-A-T Score?

Google E-A-T aims to give its users the best experience as possible by promoting websites that they truly trust.  Therefore, Google is training the algorithm to determine whether a website can be trusted.  In order to achieve this, they created a set of publicly available guidelines called the “Search Quality Raters” to help them measure […]

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SEO Sydney Shortening URLs with for SEO

Shortening URLs for SEO: How can help with your SEO strategy?

Content consumers today are immersed in a sea of information from a myriad of different websites and social media channels. It is becoming increasingly hard to capture and retain their attention and organisations must update their marketing tactics for this reason. Social media is a massively expanding industry that has fuelled the growth of the […]

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Image of QR codes SEO Sydney

How Will QR Codes & Their Relationship With Blockchain Transform SEO?

Do you ever wonder what the bridge between the ‘offline’ and online media world would look like? It looks a little something like a pixelated square box with a hidden meaning, but instead of further describing it, take a look for yourself below. This paper-based hyperlink which connects the physical and online world is known […]

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SEO Sydney Baidu SEO

Baidu SEO: How To Optimise Your Website For China’s Largest Search Engine

If your business is looking to expand into China, knowing how to optimise your website for Baidu is essential for success. We provide a comprehensive breakdown of Baidu SEO and what it means to be search engine friendly in China. Baidu is China’s primary search engine and is far more popular with Chinese Internet users […]

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