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What NOT TO DO On Social Media For Your Business


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As we discussed in our ‘Do’s of social media for SEO’ video‘, there are plenty of ways to make social media beneficial to your SEO strategy. However, sometimes the lack of planning or understanding of how people use their social media can lead to mistakes which can potentially cost businesses not only their SEO rankings, but also their reputation. We created a roundup of things you should NOT do when using social media as a part of your SEO strategy, in order to help you avoid the most common mistakes in using social media platforms for your business.


Don’t number 1: do not post content which might be seen as insensitive, overtly commercial and/or out of touch.

You definitely don’t want to experience what is called a ‘brand fail’. An example of a brand fail would be hijacking a big social event such as passing away of someone famous to elevate your brand on social media in a tacky way. Expressing your opinion on a mainstream sensitive topic can be risky so always think twice and test with other people before posting something. Sometimes it’s simply better not to post rather than posting just for the sake of using a trending hashtag.


Don’t number 2: do not treat your audience as cash cows. Provide value, create trust and foster relationships.

Providing value means providing great content. Think about what sort of messages you enjoy seeing on social media – is it plain, boring product advertising, or is it a visual tip on how to use a product in an innovative way? Showing your customers how they can the most out of your product will not only encourage them to buy it, but also think about your brand more positively. By providing value, you will create a trustworthy relationship with your audience.

Another way of providing value and building trust is sharing other people’s content on your social media platforms. This also builds relationships with other businesses and websites, which can be useful if they decide to link back to your site in return. This way you’ll get additional backlinks to your site, which will boost your SEO.

Don’t number 3: do not take credit for other people’s content.

Whether it’s images, music, quotes or designs, using external content on social media and not acknowledging it can get your business in trouble. By not crediting original content, not only do you risk losing chunks of your existing or potential audiences, but you also risk legal action. You should always credit the external content you’re using on social media and online in general. This will ensure your reputation is intact, and will also help you build trust and relationships with your social media audiences.


Don’t number 4: do not ever criticise your competition or customers on social media. It can easily backfire.

Even though social media can seem like a place where more is allowed, being professional at all times still applies. This includes replying to negative reviews or comments from customers. Even if you think your latest review is unfair, don’t ever get angry or vulgar. Being professional and calm always pays off. Moreover, your customers are even more likely to use your services in the future if you handle their complaint in a positive manner. This is why you should always stay professional when dealing with everyone, competition and customers alike!

The same goes for talking about your competitors. Even if you’re having a one-to-one exchange with one of your clients via one of your social media channels, don’t ever use it as an occasion to rant about your competitors. All the information you share on social media is public and once you send it, it can live on forever.

Hopefully now you have an idea of how to make the most out of social media for your business. If you’d like to continue your education, we suggest you also watch a video explainer on how to use Facebook for best SEO results, or find more information at SEO Sydney. Optimising Facebook is an important tool for any business using this highly popular platform.

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