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How To Build More Backlinks For A Small Business’s Website Part 2


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Welcome back to the backlinks for a small business website video. We already discussed what backlink building is and shared a few tactics for increasing your backlink portfolio. We will now take you through an additional set of tactics to build more backlinks to your site, which focus on the social and ethical aspects of backlink building.

Tactic #4: Get social. Start featuring guest blog posts, writing guest blog posts, commenting and reviewing on other sites. This strategy is time consuming, however it is very likely to get you extra backlinks, often from businesses already active in your local community, and therefore with high authority, which will further increase the chances of boosting your SEO.

Start with researching your niche, and finding topics which are relevant to what you do. Then generate a few ideas on what content you could contribute to other sites, and vice versa. Apart from guest articles and posts, you can contribute to different forum threads on topics related to what you do, and provide some tips and ideas to other users. Quora is one of the most popular online forums, so it’s a great idea to get active there. You can also contact any relevant businesses and pitch the idea of collaborating, showing them how linking to each other will benefit both of you.

Tactic #5: Get ethical and eco related links. This is a great idea for businesses which pride themselves in being socially and environmentally minded.

There are many websites which list green businesses categorised by the area they operate in. Try to find websites listing environmental businesses in your local area, and then contact them asking to either include your business and link to your site, or to include a link to your site if you’re already listed, but without a link. This is an easy way to get some extra backlinks to your site while utilising your business’ nature.

Tactic #6: Utilise social media. Even though links on social media platforms are often attributed as ‘nofollow’, it is still a good idea to link to your site on your social media channels.

If your social content is deemed valuable, it has the potential to be shared by other people, creating more links to your site and increasing your visibility. Social media links are not officially recognised by Google, however increasing your visibility through building backlinks on social media can’t hurt and might help you gain new customers. However, remember you can’t be too pushy when linking to your own content on social media. No one likes being pressured into buying on a social platform. What matters is being relevant and providing value to your audience.

The tactics we just mentioned will help you boost your backlinks number and, if done well and combined with a wholesome SEO strategy, will help you improve your search rankings. Remember, you don’t have to implement all of the above tactics at once, especially as some of them might not be relevant to your business and your marketing strategy. Your first step, before implementing any backlink building tactics, should be to establish your SEO marketing strategy, and then choose the tactics which will compliment it well. Backlink building can help you boost your SEO rankings, but only as a part of a well thought out SEO strategy.

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