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6 Things You Need To Know About Video SEO Strategy Part 2


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Welcome back to your tips on your video SEO strategy. In our previous video we explained how to optimise your videos for the best SEO results. We will now take you through tips on how to increase the share-ability of your videos.

Video content has a considerably higher chance of being shared than text; by simply linking a ‘share’ button to your videos you create an opportunity for viewers to post it to social media and other webpages. This is an essential part of your video SEO strategy as it will create organic links back to your website which Google will use in its ranking criteria.


Video SEO Sharing on Social media | SEO Sydney


Leaving a comment section directly under your video will give users the option to review the video on your webpage. This is another opportunity to boost SEO by organically adding user generated keywords to your website, and keeping your page up to date with fresh user content to help boost your rankings.

Post the video to your actual website on its own page, don’t just hope to go viral on YouTube. This will ensure that when people are watching and sharing your video it will be linked back to your website, which will improve your SEO rather than someone else’s. Make sure you submit your video sitemap to Google, this XML file will provide additional URL information to make it easier for search crawlers to pick up data about your video.

Finally, avoid black holes where search engines cannot pick up your content. A ‘video library’ on your website can hide even the best video SEO attempts as it may not be able to be read by Google. Using the right flash player is also essential to have your SEO picked up by search engines, as the wrong type of formatting can make your video invisible.

Don’t forget to utilise your traditional SEO techniques (tips can be found on our site) in conjunction with your video SEO. No matter how well you optimise your video, if your page is not well structured with unique content, rich keywords and quality links your efforts may be in vain. For more information, go to SEO Sydney.

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