How Understanding Consumer Behaviour Can Benefit Your SEO


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With almost 2 billion websites online as of early 2019, how do you create a better user experience to make sure your site stands out? As Google evaluates websites based on a wide range of ranking factors, targeting your SEO strategy in 2019 accurately might almost seem impossible. However, there’s good news – ranking signals are constantly adapting in line with the user. In today’s video,  SEO Sydney will explain how you and your SEO can benefit from understanding your consumers’ behaviour.

First of all, you need to get to know your audience.

To do that, engage in market research and find patterns in consumer background and motivations. Think about your target customer – how differently would you address an active people looking for experiences compared with passive people looking for convenience?

Of course, both those types of consumers will have different needs and wants. You need to identify your customers’ intent through researching and analysing your consumers’ decision making processes. What are their goals? What other brands do they use? What are they frustrated with?

You need to have answers to these questions before you can actually address your consumers’ wants and needs. There are tools available designed to help you create user personas, for example Xtensio.

Once you have an idea of what your customers want and need, now is the time to address and solve your consumers’ problems in a consumable manner.

What do we mean by consumable? We mean developing and implementing a strategy to attract your customers’ attention and help them make a purchase. There are many ways to do this, depending on what your product or service is, and who your potential customers are.

For example, if you’re a consultancy, you might want to make sure you list your services, your recent projects are showcased and that contacting your business is as easy as possible.

But you might still be wondering what is the best way to implement your digital strategy?

Utilising good SEO and UX practices is the way to go.

We already mentioned that incorporating features such as contact details and case studies within your website is really important, but having them in random places is not enough. You need to be strategic and design your site in the best way possible. For example, if you sell products on your site, it should have a shopping cart button in the right hand corner.

In terms of using keywords that match consumer intent, we recommend utilising search engine queries. For example, if you’re a small barista course provider, incorporating long tail keywords which address specific consumer queries such as “do you really need a barista certificate?” will help you access additional consumer pools.

Wrap up:

Understanding your consumers’ behaviour is crucial in boosting your site’s SEO. You need to think about what your customers want and need, and address that with valuable content on your website. By helping your potential customers solve their problems, not only will you do a good deed, but also boost your business’ success. If you are wanting to read more on user experience and SEO, check out our SEO tips article or get in touch with an SEO expert here at SEO Sydney.

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