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Ecoliv has experienced a noteworthy organic search traffic increase of 80.96 % since the start of their SEO campaign with us in August 2019.

  • Client: Ecoliv Sustainable Buildings
  • Services Provided: SEO Content Writing, SEO Services

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SEO Sydney has been providing Ecoliv with a tailored  SEO Campaign  since August 2019. We are happy to announce a noteworthy increase of 80.96% in Ecoliv’s organic search traffic due to the implementation of our SEO strategic processes.

Campaign Highlights


At present, 5 out of 9 targeted keywords are ranking on the first page of Google’s results. These rankings are accurate as of August 11th 2020 and may not reflect current rankings as Google’s results are fluid. Ecoliv occupies Google’s prime rankings for:

  • Eco Modular Homes #1 
  • Prefab Homes #5
  • Modular House #6

Traffic Comparisons

Ecoliv Organic Traffic Growth:

SEO Results Case Study Ecoliv SEO Sydney Company

Ecoliv Traffic Acquisition

July 2020 VS July 2019

SEO Results Case Study Ecoliv SEO Sydney Company

We can see a significant increase in traffic throughout our campaign with Ecoliv since the start of our SEO campaign.

SEO Sydney assisted Ecoliv in content creation specifically targeted at generating traffic and improving rankings. We built a dedicated dynamic content strategy that combined blogs, electronic direct mail (EDM) and videos. This varied range of content attracted the attention of Ecoliv’s target audience through different mediums and provided a reason for customers to return to the website repeatedly. Ecoliv’s site is regularly updated with fresh and relevant content crafted for Ecoliv’s target audience. Additionally, as part of Ecoliv’s content strategy, a brochure outlining their Sustainable Modular Buildings was introduced on the website which just in these past two months (June & July 2020) has had over 2,000+ downloads. This is not only helping users find value on Ecoliv’s site, it further increases their likelihood of revisiting the site and converting into customers for Ecoliv.

Ecoliv SEO Key Takeaways

  • Keyword movements and traffic growth have been steadily positive for Ecoliv, even during the challenging economic conditions caused by COVID-19.
  • 5/9 high volume keywords are ranking on Google’s first SERP.
  • Ecoliv has experienced a noteworthy organic search traffic increase of 80.96 % since the start of their campaign with us. 

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