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Complete Education
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One of our long-term clients, Complete Education, came to us in November 2018 seeking an SEO consultation and strong results. As a business operating nationwide, they needed to be highly ranked in multiple states across Australia. Our team at SEO Sydney began Complete Education’s SEO campaign by gaining a comprehensive understanding of their homeschooling services as well as their target market. We then conducted keyword research to uncover what users would search for when seeking homeschooling services. From there, we created a thorough and in-depth implementation document outlining exactly how we will be improving user experience and website navigation, as well as how we will implement keyword strategies, content silos and thorough on-page optimisation on the Complete Education site. 

Traffic Overview

Traffic Comparisons

Post-website launch traffic comparison:

Once our SEO Sydney Company established a clear step-by-step plan, we entered the development phase. After a website rebuild, the entire site – including all content – was optimised to immensely improve user experience. The site officially went live in March 2019, and significant traffic increases are evident even within the short 5-month period after the launch of the new site. As showcased in the figure below, organic search traffic  increased by 100.62% and new users increased by up to 97.90%. 

Complete Eduction Australia SEO Company Sydney

Traffic comparisons in 2020:

Last year, we continued to see great SEO and digital marketing results with Complete Education Australia. When comparing August 2020 to November 2018 (prior to our campaign start), there was a significant increase in organic search traffic. As evident below, organic search traffic has increased by 303.64%. 

SEO Results SEO Sydney Company

Complete Education, at its search traffic peak in March 2020, had a whopping organic search increase of 445.17%. This is observed when comparing March 2020 to the period before Complete Education was our client (November 2018).

The demand for online schooling in Australia with the Covid-19 restrictions introduced in March lead to a surge in organic search traffic for Complete Education Australia that month. Due to an increased demand for online, socially distant education, more people were searching to enrol in an online/ homeschooling education organisation. Our client benefited immensely from our SEO strategies during this long period of increased online learning. Complete Education, with our SEO methods, has a fully optimised website, a strong content strategy and is highly ranked Australia-wide. We are very happy to have helped Complete Education Australia increase its clientele by having a robust website from both an SEO and UX standpoint.  

SEO Results SEO Sydney Company

When comparing January 2020 – August 2020 with January  2019 – August 2019, we see a significant organic search increase of 205.92% in this 8-month period, compared to last year’s. This is a very positive statistic and a great indication that our SEO methods are consistently delivering results for Complete Education. 

SEO Results SEO Sydney Company

Keyword Rankings

Keyword rankings have improved greatly since the start of our campaign with Complete Education Australia. Rankings are accurate as of the 30th of September and may not reflect future rankings.  All keyword rankings have increased – an extremely positive result. Previously, 6 out of 11 keywords were not ranking on the first page of Google’s results. Several keywords were ranking on Google’s fourth SERP. Presently, all 11 campaign keywords are ranking on Google’s first SERP with 9 of those keywords being on Google’s top 5 results. These are several of Complete Education’s prime search engine rankings:

  • Online School Australia #1 
  • Online Homeschooling Australia #1 
  • Homeschool Curriculum Packages Australia #2 
  • Homeschooling Australia #3

Moreover, keywords such as Home Schooling Victoria, Home Schooling QLD and Home Schooling WA occupy Google’s prime rankings in their respective states. Therefore, it is evident that we have effectively helped Compete Education achieve one of its primary goals of ranking highly in multiple states across Australia.

We are very excited to note such impressive improvements in website traffic and Google rankings since our SEO campaign begun. Looking forward, we will continue adding SEO optimised content to the site regularly to increase organic traffic to the site. This strategy has had a considerable impact on traffic, rankings and impressions. We will further aim to diversify content on the site to complement various campaign pages.

Complete Education is an example of how targeted SEO techniques can greatly increase customer reach, organic traffic and Google rankings, ultimately contributing to a thriving business. If you would like to achieve powerful results like Complete Education Australia has achieved, contact us here.  

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