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SEO For Sydney Plumbers: Who Are The SEO Masters and Why?


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You may have the best Sydney plumber with the most efficient customer service but how would people know to find you if you don’t rank on the top of the search list? SEO Sydney is here to solve that for you. We have compiled a list of the top ranking Sydney plumbers and broken down what they do right in their SEO to achieve that top rank. If they can do it, so can you!

Fixed Today

Fixed Today Sydney Plumbers

Fixed Today is one of the top ranking plumbers on Google and for good reason. When a customer wants to search for a plumber in the Sydney area, they are most likely to search up phrases such as:

  1. ‘Sydney/local plumbers’
  2. ‘Plumbers near me’
  3. ‘Professional plumbing services’

This is why when you’re building your website, it is essential that you incorporate such keywords into it. Fixed Today has done just that with phrases such as ‘plumbers in Sydney’ and ‘leading Sydney plumbing services’ all incorporated on their homepage and in their blog articles. Location based keywords and pages are also important to let your potential customers know the specific areas that you service, which also helps them navigate the website more easily. For example, landlords that require regular plumbing maintenance for their rental properties can easily access the ‘suburbs’ page on Fixed Today to inquire about bulk or long-term Sydney plumbing for these properties.

Furthermore, they have incorporated reviews from customers. They display their average of 4.8 star service right at the top of their page, which can help attract future customers and build trust for the company. This is also an important addition to any website since Google’s latest broad core update. With which, Google plans on promoting high-quality web pages, including high-quality product reviews as it provides insightful analysis into the business’ product or service. 

They also create their own content with a dynamic blog page, posting regular blog articles on relevant topics such as plumbing tips. They also have social media accounts and a YouTube channel, however, they are currently inactive but if used more regularly, could be used to divert more customers from other channels to their website.

Mr Splash Plumbing

Mr Splash Plumbing services

Mr Splash Plumbing is another top ranking plumbing service that not only pays attention to including keywords and location into their website but also puts in extra work for their content creation and social media presence. They have a successful YouTube channel with over 200 subscribers and 150 videos. Through their channel they provide people with DIY tips and tricks for plumbing, and other related services. 

Now you might be wondering – wouldn’t it be better for the company if they handled such plumbing issues instead of helping their customer DIY it? However, it’s not about the immediate profit, you have to think bigger! This type of content makes your brand more user-centric and helps your website rank up in Google’s algorithm since it qualifies as a more high-value website. People only call professionals if they can’t get the job done themselves. So oftentimes they are likely to search up “How to …” to try and fix it on their own before they call a professional service. Which can also help attract a larger number of potential customers towards your website.

Hero Plumbing

Hero Plumbing services Sydney

Similar to the above-mentioned companies, Hero Plumbing has also included a number of keywords including:

  1. ‘Local Sydney plumbers’
  2. ‘Reliable Sydney plumbers’
  3. ‘Emergency plumbing’

Their website is also mobile optimised and has all the relevant information easily accessible from their homepage. As you click on their website, you get to know exactly where they are located in Sydney and all the locations where they provide services. They also have a separate page where they list the area they cover in more detail so the customer can easily inquire for services in their suburb. 

They provide detailed information about all the services they offer, from plumbing to gas fitting and leaks. This helps them retain customers who may have just come in for plumbing inquiries but will potentially come back again for other services now that they know what other services are offered by the same company. 

Although Hero Plumbing does not have a blog page or an active YouTube channel, they do have a successful Instagram page. On their Instagram, Hero Plumbing shares their day-to-day activities and gives tips on how to solve technical plumbing issues. This also helps Hero Plumbing’s website discoverability and improves consumer engagement.

SPS Plumbing Sydney

SEO for SPS plumbing Sydney

SPS Plumbing Sydney is another company that has a successful incorporation of location, keywords, and content creation. Although they are not active on all their socials, they have a thriving YouTube channel with over 12,000 subscribers. They create educational and helpful content for their potential customers, demonstrating simple plumbing techniques and tips for other related services as well. Their website also displays their 200+ google reviews with an average rating of 4.7 stars on the bottom of their homepage. This makes it easier for potential customers to read about them and form a more trusted opinion, making them more likely to use their services. 

They also have a mobile optimised website, which is very important since people get repelled by a badly executed website design that is not functional or cannot be easily navigated on a mobile. Not just that, when ranking sites, Google also looks at the technical aspects of your website like mobile optimisation. They find websites that cater to both desktop and mobile visitors to be more valuable. 

So there you go! As long as you can incorporate your location, reviews and the right keywords; have a good social media presence; regularly create your own content; and have a mobile optimised website; you will have conquered both SEO and the Sydney plumbing industry in no time. However we do realise that this can be a little overwhelming for a small plumbing business that just started out. So if you would like to get to know more information or inquire about SEO Sydney for our services, contact us here today.

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