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SEO Sydney Expert Opinions On How AI-Generated Content Has Been Used To Bait Site Visitors


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As technology advances, we see increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in various industries. Content creation is one of the most prominent areas where AI is being utilised. While AI-generated content can be useful in streamlining routine tasks, there are instances that using AI can also be used to bait unsuspecting website visitors. SEO Sydney will discuss the implications of AI-generated content and its impact on web content writing in this article.

What are AI-generated SEO articles? 

AI-generated content are text produced by machines, including blogs, articles, descriptions, and other marketing materials derived from human search queries. 

It utilises natural language processing, machine learning, and computer vision techniques to gather valuable data that can mimic human behaviours.  Machine learning algorithms are trained on human-generated content and use recognition to create text that mimics natural language. On the other hand, computer vision generates original images and videos based on previous training datasets


BuzzFeed & CNET AI Assistant Case Studies

In response to the rising AI trends, BuzzFeed and CNET have introduced their own AI writing assistant.

BuzzFeed‘s “Buzzy” is an innovative Creative assistant that releases AI-written travel guides. According to Futurism, Buzzy and its human editors apparently rely on certain writing conventions for travel articles. For instance, many of the articles feature common phrases, such as starting with “Now, I know what you’re thinking” before asking a rhetorical question about the location. Futurism also found that Buzzy generates almost every piece using the phrase “Hidden gem” extensively. 

On the other hand, CNET was also implementing AI for story generation, but it ceased the practice shortly after it became public. CNET AI was used to create “dull SEO-friendly topics” and appears to adhere to the legal requirements for financial reporting. However, the approach raised concerns about the credibility of the content, as CNET experienced lower Google rankings, as 87.2% of CNET’s AI-generated content is detectable with a public AI detection tool. 


Keywords Cannibalisation Possibility From AI-Generated Content

With the convenient use of AI for content writing, keyword cannibalisation is likely to occur more frequently. Keyword cannibalisation happens when multiple blog posts or articles on a website can potentially rank for the same search query due to similar topics or optimisation for the same keyphrase, reducing their individual chances of ranking. 

Moreover, repeating keywords will make the content less enjoyable to read, more spammy, and it can actually strip the business of its value. 

SEO Sydney Thoughts About AI-generated content

How SEO Agency Sydney Specialists Utilise AI In Content Writing?

To benefit from AI content for SEO, businesses must exercise the tool with caution. SEO Sydney experts recommend avoiding over-reliance on AI-generated content and suggest creating organic, original, accurate, and well-written content that they have reviewed. Some consequences of depending on AI-generated content can result in Google’s penalisation of auto-generated content, lower search rankings, and risks of generating biased opinions.

Additionally, learning from CNET’s example, it is undeniable it takes longer to craft SEO-friendly content. That’s why AI can best support an SEO marketing strategy by recommending ideas, creating outlines, and editing content before publishing.


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