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Adapting Your Website For Google Bard


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With the rising growth in popularity and functionality of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it’s time we began to adapt our SEO practices to better match the expectations of Google. Not doing so could significantly affect your impressions and clicks.

Here are some ways you can begin to adapt your SEO approach to better prepare for the future.

Creating Highly Relevant and Factual Content

Google’s Bard acts to seek the most relevant and factually correct content for a given keyword, so it’s more important than ever to develop well-researched content. Google does not want to take the risk of presenting false information to a user, so it’s likely if your website is ever caught serving factually incorrect content you will be penalised.

Even with a large database backing an AI, it can still struggle to provide accurate information. This could easily provide misinformation to a user, resulting in a negative experience with the platform. Google wants to try to avoid this, which is why it is so vital for websites to provide factually correct information so errors like this are avoided.

SEO Sydney: Example of Incorrect Answers

Ensure Content is Up-to-Date

We already know Google likes relevant information that is up-to-date but with Google Bard, it’s now more important than ever to provide data that’s relevant in the current moment. The issue with a lot of AGI such as ChatGPT, is their databases have a cutoff as they aren’t being constantly updated.

However, it appears Google Bard has a constantly evolving and changing database, meaning it will value new information provided by your website. To prepare, you should ensure that your content provides up-to-date content that is relevant in the current moment, and you should continuously update it.

SEO Sydney: Google Bard Up-to-Date

Create Content That Can Easily Be Interpreted

These enormous systems are trained on large datasets of text and code, allowing them to provide useful information within a matter of seconds. However, these systems aren’t perfect, they still can struggle with properly interpreting and understanding content that isn’t very well written.

To prevent this issue from occuring your content needs to be:

  • Clear and concise
  • Structured in a logical order
  • Optimised with relevant keywords
  • Updated and relevant to current times

Utilise Internal Links

Internal links can significantly impact how Google Bard understands and interprets your site and the information present on it. When Bard follows an internal link from one page to another, it can understand how the two pages relate, and this information can be used to help Bard formulate better responses to user prompts.

We recommend utilising internal links whenever they make sense and anchoring them to a relevant keyword. This will help Bard gather the relevant information from your site and will eventually help you rank higher.

Authority Matters

Quite simply, a high authority level signals to Google Bard that your content is not only trustworthy but also relevant. This is why it is vital you work on developing a solid backlink profile, with links from websites within your own niche.

Key Takeaways

The rapid introduction of AI chatbots has created a storm within the SEO community, many people are not sure what the future of SEO will be like. In our opinion, to adapt, you should focus on creating highly relevant and factual content, ensure your content is up-to-date, write content in a way that’s easy to interpret, utilise internal links, and build a high authority.

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