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How Jim’s Electrical Mastered SEO For Electricians | A Case Study


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How Jim’s Electrical Mastered SEO For Electricians | A Case Study

The utilities industry is one with a lot of opportunities for growth. If you are looking to start your own business or want to drive more customers to your current one, then you will need to start investing in SEO for electricians


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, is a way of organically driving more traffic and users to your website in the hopes of turning them into potential leads. This is achieved by targeting particular keywords and phrases so the algorithm will serve your webpage to customers who resonate more deeply with the values your brand offers.


It’s a practice that typically takes a few months to settle and mature, but will continue to pay dividends in the long term as you gradually garner users with a genuine, organic interest in your services. Today, we’ll be discussing the specifics of SEO in an electrical business, and how it’s been used by Jim’s Electrical to drive over 32,000 visitors per month.


1. A Solid Internal Link Structure

An internal link is any link on your site that links to another page on the same website. They are  valuable because both users and crawlers will use them to navigate across your webpage and find your content. Pages with a lot of internal links pointing towards them will mean they are considered “high-value” pages by the algorithm. 


Jim’s Electrical utilises internal links to drive people to their contact page, because it’s highly valuable for a user to reach out – it’s a key feature with the potential to turn prospects into actual conversions.

In the electrical industry, you succeed by having clients contact you and by developing a professional relationship with them. Particularly in a space where locality determines so much of your potential demand, establishing a valuable rapport with customers with such niche needs holds the key to a long term consumer base in the domestic electricians market.
The first step in doing this is by having potential clients contact you, making your internal links that help guide your users to a contact page an important practice.

SEO For Electricians: Internal Link Structure

2. Call-to-Action

Directing users to contact you isn’t only done with internal links, but also with call-to-actions on other pages, encouraging people to call or email a specific number or address. At any point during a user’s time on the site, they should be able to contact you and book your electrician services with no issues.

On Jim’s Electrical front page, we are immediately greeted by their phone number plastered in bright red twice.

Jim's Electrical Case Study - Call To Actions

If you continue to scroll through the front page you will notice 5 more instances of call-to-actions.

Jim's Electrical Case Study - More Call To Actions

At no point should a customer be confused about how to use your service, they may stop scrolling at any point on your page, so utilising call-to-actions throughout your webpage is an incredibly effective way to drive in consultations and quotes. Of course, this can be excessive if relied on too much, so ensuring you focus on providing high-quality content across the website and implementing call-to-actions in an organic manner is key to success.


3. Targeting Specific Locations

Electrical work is a very location-specific job. Typically, an electrician will need to travel directly on-site, making implementing keywords and pages that target specific cities and states you operate in essential. 


Jim’s Electrical offers a tailored homepage that is optimised specifically for each of the major cities across Australia. By doing this they ensure that they are able to receive clients across the country. 


If you for instance operate within all of Victoria, you may want to consider creating pages specifically for different areas within the state, this way you can more specifically target people within the different locations.

Jim's Electrical - Targeting Specific Locations


4. Utilising The Correct Keywords

The Jim’s Group franchise is an established brand, which means that Jim’s Electrical has a great advantage in terms of backlinks and recognised authority by search algorithms. Because of this, they can target broad keywords and phrases without the need to worry too much about competitors out-ranking them.

For a smaller electrical business, it’s highly recommended you target long-tail keywords that you can better rank for. Understanding your position in the market and them tailoring the keywords you choose to target will give you a huge advantage, and as your authority grows you can begin to invest into more competitive keywords.

SEO For Electricians: Utilising The Right Keywords


Use SEO For Electricians The Right Way

SEO Sydney has a deep understanding of SEO for electricians and we can help you use these techniques and many more to drive traffic to your services. Reach out to our friendly team and book a free consultation today!

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