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SEO Data, why is it so Important? – Full Guide


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What is SEO Data?

Simply put, SEO Data are types of data that can be used to improve your SEO game. These are commonly related to traffic, impressions, page speed, and keyword rankings. Although these are common types of data that you may be familiar with within SEO, it is often misunderstood how these data can help improve your optimisation. We will further explore these types of data and how they assist with SEO.


Types of Data

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is defined as the volume of visitors your website brings through a search engine such as Google. Although traffic is a great indicator of your website’s popularity, traffic by itself is often too little to analyse and optimise your website appropriately. Some complementary data which could be used alongside organic traffic would be click-through rates and bounce rates. These could create a more complete picture of why people visit your website, what they are interested in, and what to improve on. Despite this, having organic traffic will increase your SEO. This is as in general, higher traffic on a website is one of the leading factors for SEO ranking.


Page Speed

Page speed has been rising in importance with Google factoring Core Web Vitals as one of the ranking factors. Page speed data is important as slow websites lead to frustration and a higher bounce rate. If you notice that your page speed is lower than average, consider making changes to optimise your website to increase its speed. 

Keyword Search Volume

A keyword’s monthly search volume is one of the most important data for an SEO marketer to analyse. Ultimately, marketers and websites are on the whim of the audience to visit their website through searches to help boost our rankings. As such, it is integral to find out what kind of searches are being done by people to ensure that our website has relevant information that people are curious about. 

SEO Data Google Analytics | SEO Sydney

How SEO Data Helps you Grow

So what can we do with all this SEO data? It can help position your brand in a more favourable manner. Data sets such as search volume can show you what people are actually interested in. It can also make sure your brand is there to take advantage of this demand. Slightly changing your title pages to capture a more effective keyword or including more high-volume keywords in your content can be a small change you could make that yields big results. If you do this before anyone else, it can help to further grow traffic to your website. Ultimately, all this can help your brand appear more appealing to your audience as you are able to provide what they are looking for. 

Using rankings and traffic in your industry can also help you understand your market position in the industry you work in. This is alongside gaining an idea of who your largest competitors are, and how you could possibly differentiate from them. As such, data can help you formulate and implement effective marketing strategies that help you differentiate your brand and help your business grow. 


How to Collect SEO Data

Google Analytics is the most useful tool when it comes to finding SEO data relevant to your website. Understanding how audiences explore your website through the different data sets is integral. This can paint a clear picture of what to improve on, what to change, or what to add. If you have a website you are optimising, Google Analytics should be in your pocket.

Google Ads can help you gain valuable information through their keyword research feature. This can show which words have a high volume of searches. 

Other than these Google tools, there are hundreds of third-party software and websites that can help you collect data and gain that edge over your competition for that elusive high SEO ranking. So go exploring, and make sure that you use all the resources you have to their fullest. Here is G2’s list of the Best SEO Software to help you on your way.



As marketers, understanding and analysing data is now more relevant and integral than ever before. This is in conjunction with the fact that data is everywhere within everything we do today. With this in mind, we must be aware of how to use this data to our strengths. 

SEO Sydney is the leading brand for SEO within Sydney. We will be able to help you understand your data and formulate effective strategies to utilise it to its fullest. If you would like to know more, contact us today

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