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Marketing Personas: Building your Ideal Customer


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Marketing Personas: Building your Ideal Customer

A marketing persona can be defined as an imaginary profile for an ideal consumer, designed to be targetable by a combination of background traits and behaviours.

In the marketing mix, the buyer personas you construct are a manifestation countless arenas of information. Market research, purchasing patterns, potential consumer segments, and many other facets of information all converge into discernable profiles. Before launching your product to the world, it’s important to understand whose needs you are serving, and how to maintain these rapports in a sustainable, valuable way. Let’s break it down into a couple of steps we’ve outlined from our team here at SEO Sydney.

building your marketing persona


First, it’s important to establish what goal your SEO strategy aims to accomplish, and gear your various marketing channels toward this goal, under the framework of the user who consumes your content.

Are you aiming to increase overall site traffic?
Then it would be best to design a persona likely to click on your content; what stage of search are they in? Is your content informational? How do your other webpages support the content your ideal consumer is searching for? Correspondingly, the resulting characteristics of your persona are composite measurements of whether your goals are achievable.



Along the lines of channeling market information into a persona, groups of these profiles separate into 2 archetypes, being existing and potential.

Pools of existing user personas are those already loyal to your service, and have characteristics converted to the content you already produce. Existing personas serve to distill what your users already enjoy about your product. The goal, in this case, is to continue refining this value to better serve and retain these consumers.
Potential users,  conversely, might not be aware of your content or have not bought into your brand, but have traits adjacent to existing consumers that are ready to convert.
These users, in this case, represent needs that exist in the market that could be met by your content. Your job is to figure out how.



On the atomic level, understanding demographics and behaviours are integral to building actionable user personas. These give your profiles specificity, and from there biases toward search intent and inclinations. Whether or not your persona is male or female, college-aged or social, for example, determines where in the market your site places to satiate a given gap.
Without skipping a beat, your stats on age, sex, location, education and other metrics conglomerate to form intelligent, purposeful individuals. From there, your strategy will always have a direction to gear towards.

SEO Sydney – Final Takeaways

Establishing a buyer persona, in essence, positions goalposts for the content you wish to create. By more accurately delivering to the right audience, your content optimises to have the highest return on investment – by resonating with the right consumer, and reducing resources on irrelevant creation. 

Keen to start building your own? Head on over to SEO Sydney, and we’ll sort out the persona that best suits your needs.

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