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Consistency Is Key – Building SEO Through SEO Strategic Content


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You’ve started a website for your business and have been posting blog posts regularly for the past few weeks. As time goes on, it becomes more and more strenuous to maintain consistency in your post content that you’re happy with. Sound familiar? This is a common problem for those starting out in the blogging world.

We are told time and time again in life that consistency is key. When it comes to writing blog posts and building your business this always rings true. Why is that, you may ask? There are many reasons why posting content consistently and making sure your content is coherent will improve your SEO. So without further adieu, here are five reasons why you need to keep consistent with your posts, as well as how to do so in a strategic manner!

1. Building brand awareness & generating leads

Consistency | Building Brand Awareness For SEO Agency Sydney

Once you have your blog set up and have begun creating a brand for yourself, blogging routinely becomes an essential part of furthering brand awareness. By creating a certain number of posts per week, you will set yourself apart from irrelevant blogs with little to no useful information.

Having more exciting content available for your readers will generate new leads. This is because your current readers will be more likely to comment on your post and share with their friends and family. The more your work is shared, the more people will see your information, resulting in future sales. For example, big companies such as Red Bull have built a brand for themselves as the leading energy drink on the market. In a recent Instagram campaign, they looked to tap further into the Australian market for their “Summer Edition” drink. By following their brand and utilizing social media to share their message, they reached 1.2 million consumers through the hashtag #thissummer. While it’s not easy to reach this level of engagement, don’t underestimate the power of sharing your work and getting it out there!

2. Increase range of keywords & diversify your content

Consistency | Importance of keyword research SEO Agency Sydney

Any experienced blogger knows the importance of having your targeted primary keywords rank when trying to appear in the SERPS (Search English Results Pages). By creating various posts that focus on specific and more diverse content, then you are more likely to achieve it. What do we mean by this?


When choosing keywords it may help to use more specific words or phrases. These are known as long-tail keywords and are sometimes referred to as head keywords. Avoiding singular keywords may help fight off competition when it comes to SEO. While this is so, it’s important that your long-tail keywords are well defined and speak to what your audience is searching for. If you run a nail salon you’ll want to use keywords that speak more directly to your business and what people will search for.  You may consider using some such as “inexpensive nail salon New York” or “best nail art Melbourne”.


Satellite keywords (those keywords relevant to your primary keywords) will drive more traffic to your page. This happens because more keywords are included in your work, demonstrating all that your business has to offer. When you have a wide range of keywords, you have a better chance of reaching people searching for your services or information. Updating your blog frequently also allows you to hone in on a local audience. This gives you information regarding what people are searching for an in turn increase your Google rank.

3. Build a relationship with your readers

Consistency | Building relationship with reader SEO Agency Sydney

Regularly posting content is vital to enhancing your SEO because it allows you to create a relationship with your readers. If you only post once or twice a year how will anyone know if you’re still relevant? Being consistent with your style of writing, as well as how frequently you post creates a feeling of familiarity. This will prompt them to come back to your site and read more time and time again.

Another reason why having consistency with your posts is so that you’ll gain REO (Referral Engine Optimization). What is REO you ask? Think word of mouth referrals for your company, mixed with today’s SEO practices. The best way to enhance your REO (referral opportunity) through your website, is through consistent posts and updating your content. The more content you produce, the more opportunities people will have to use your services and in turn refer you to others. Creating a relationship with your audience and cultivating trusted rapports are always helpful when trying to boost SEO.

 4. Cultivate authority and credibility within your space

Consistency | Building trust and credibility SEO Agency Sydney

It’s no doubt that becoming an authoritative and credible source takes hard work and dedication. Ultimately it’ll leave you with a more reliable readership that will come back to your page. If your readers can count on you providing valuable information frequently, they will see you as an expert on the topic. This is known as topical authority and can be extremely beneficial when working to gain readership.

When you have topical authority on certain content, people will come to you for answers, reference/share/link your work. This will let Google know that you have additional information on the topic. You are a credible and trusted authority and Google rewards you for this.

 5. Increase Google ranking with fresh content

Consistency | Google freshness algorithm SEO Agency Sydney

With Google’s Freshness Algorithm at play, staying consistent with your posts is crucial to moving up on the chain in the SEO world. Once the algorithm was introduced, there was a change for about 35% of content being searched. This means that that percentage of information no longer ranks the same way in Google due to the push for relevant content. This forces writers to be consistent with posting, as well as making sure that their information is useful.

Another way to make sure the algorithm isn’t affecting your work is to create what is known as evergreen content. This type of content refers to work that will be pertinent for longer periods of time (think months or years). For instance, ‘How to’ posts are evergreen content as they will be searched repeatedly for years to come. Unfortunately, it’s not always clear-cut when looking to create this type of content. It varies for each industry but a good starting point is writing posts that can be built on later on, adding more or similar information on the topic from a new angle.

Adding to pre existing posts also helps trigger Google’s freshness algorithm and often results in increased rankings. It’s important to note that when Google will ignore editing past posts that making a small change such as altering one sentence. In order to achieve results you must change a large amount of the text in the main body, as well as updating links and the text that surround it. The more often you update your posts and modify information, the better a response you will have on Google!

Knowing about why consistency is important is just one piece of the puzzle! Coming up with a plan to keep you on track is vital when trying to boost your SEO. Outlined below are a few tips and tricks to get you started and see the results you’re looking for!

1. Create a schedule

Consistency | Schedule blog posts SEO Agency Sydney

Post once a week – sounds easy enough right? Life can get hectic sometimes which makes it difficult to stay on a posting schedule. If you have a clear idea of how many posts you’d ideally like to have published by a certain period of time then set a goal for yourself. Having an end line in sight will motivate you to push forward and continue creating new content on a consistent basis.

2. Link your social media channel

Consistency | Linking social media posts SEO Agency Sydney

Utilizing social media accounts is a great way to enhance SEO due to the additional engagement opportunities it creates. It’s easy to see a spike in readership after sharing content via social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is known as cross channel consistency. It’s vital that the information you share on social media coincides with your blog posts. Doing so becomes much easier once you know the message you are trying to convey to your viewers. Keeping your message consistent draws the viewer in and reinforces credibility.

Having your blog linked through social media is also beneficial because it opens up a stream of communication between you and the reader. It allows you to get feedback from your readers and provide them with useful content, satisfying both parties. It is also important to recognize the shift in the way people view consume content because it directly affects your SEO. Engaging with an audience through social media channels in the form of videos, blogs, etc will keep people interested in what you have to say. It also becomes easier to share your message when there are a variety of channels to do so.

3. Read up on current posts in your space

Consistency | Reading recent posts in your space SEO Agency Sydney

Staying on top of what other people have to say about topics in your niche is crucial to increasing your SEO. Doing so will give you a better idea of what topics have been talked to death about. This can give you an angle on fresh content in the industry. It will also challenge you to think about what’s missing in other people’s content and where you can expand on your thoughts. If your blog focuses on fashion for example, read pieces with different Google rankings and compare the information to get a better idea of what you may be missing.

4. Include guest posts and interview experts

Consistency | Importance of guest posts SEO Agency Sydney

Posting someone else’s work (with their permission of course!) and/or interviewing an expert is a great way to add credibility to your blog while keeping with a consistent schedule. If you are running low on time and have the opportunity to include a guest post, why not? Having a guest write on a topic in your niche allows for some excitement. It livens up your blog style by incorporating other people’s ideas while still making it fit your business. Incorporating work from an influencer as a post will also impact your SEO. This is because they have a much larger audience reach and therefore will be able to connect with more people on the topic.

Interviewing experts brings us back to establishing credibility and authority within your chosen space. If you are not an expert on a topic you wish to discuss, you will need to seek one out. It’s always best to find an expert on topics you don’t have complete knowledge about. This is because if one small detail is wrong, your credibility will come crumbling down around you. Including a quote from an expert can be helpful when trying to maintain a certain level of credibility as it only adds to the level of expertise you appear to have on said topic. Lastly, when interviewing an expert make sure to reach the significant and more difficult subjects at hand. Focusing on shallow content won’t get you anywhere.

5. Focus on core content

Consistency | Quality over quantity SEO Agency Sydney

Quality over quantity as they say! Although it’s important to produce new content as frequently as possible, it is always best to create quality content. For example, if you’ve started a food blog make sure the content doesn’t purely consist of pictures and descriptions of food you’ve tried. It should provide the reader with information they didn’t originally have. This can be recipes, the latest food trends and information about dietary restrictions for instance.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself when trying to determine what content is worth presenting on your blog!

  • Is the information useful? Does it help solve a problem for someone?
  • Is your informational more valuable than others? For example, if you have a travel blog do you provide specific tips for a road trip or are you just sharing memories from a trip?
  • Do you have links that relate back to other content you’ve written in the past?
  • Is your content engaging and is your page user friendly? No one will want to come back if spelling/factual errors or stylistic issues distract them.

So there we have it folks – a little insight about why blogging frequently is important and a few tips to keep in mind when working to make your blog a success! Put in the work and you will see the results, just like we have at SEO Sydney.

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