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Increased organic traffic by 216.76%

Since beginning the campaign with directSMS in September of 2016, SEO Sydney have increased organic traffic by 216.76%

Direct SMS SEO Sydney Case Study

We are only continuing to increase their traffic, with a look at June 2017 to June 2018 showing a 80.24% rise in organic traffic. This is backed up by June 2016 to June 2018 data showing a 168.24% increase in organic traffic.

When we first bought on directSMS as a client, we restructured their site, following our implementation plan in order to boost their SEO and rankings. By utilising keywords such as “Email to SMS Australia” and “SMS appointment reminders” and making them tabs on their site, we brought more users to directSMS’s pages. Along the process of doing this, we created an implementation document, ensuring that they understood what our plan was, and how it would work to increase their organic traffic. By keeping clients in touch with our decisions and why we are making them, we can ensure they can help us with those and understand their site.

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Increased Rankings

SEO Sydney have been able to successfully increase rankings for directSMS. Out of their 17 targeted keywords, we have been able to rank on the first page for 12 of them. Over 90% of organic traffic only goes to sites ranking on the first page of a google search. This means that prime first page spot is crucial for an SEO company, and we are proud of our efforts to achieve this for directSMS. On top of this, for ‘sms provider’ ,one of their main target keywords, we were able to ensure they rank #1.

Content writing

When we first began to work with them, directSMS did have a good flow of content, however it wasn’t generating page views, or helping significantly to increase their SEO. Our new content strategy helped significantly with this.

The SEO team set out to optimise directSMS even further by integrating keywords into blog posts. Our in house SEO copywriters create strategic content that follows our implementation plan. SEO Sydney ensures that all content is interesting and unique, making it worth reading for their customers. We know that generic, not specific content does not appeal, and does not make a website stand out from its’s competitors.

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We have chosen to look at one particular piece of content we have written to highlight this. The blog post ‘Text Message Template Ideas To Increase Customer Engagement’ was first published in May, 2017. In its first month it only generated 18 page views, however, in the months since this figure has grown by 6,794%, in June, 2018 it got 2041 page views. Our strategies that we have been consistently working on since then have only continued to increase its views.

directSMS Case Study SEO Sydney

These strategies include highlighting blog posts on the front page of the website, making them visible and easy to find. Having engaging blog content on the front page of your website increases both views on that page, and views to the overall website. We have also structured all content to include the keywords directSMS is targeting. This will again increase page views, and ensure content is more likely to be ranking.

By following this system we have successfully brought more unique visitors and business to directSMS. We always work to provide you with quality content that keeps readers engaged and coming back for more!


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