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SEO Sydney helped Are You Selling increase organic traffic by over 200%! We did so through implementing our SEO plan that involved keyword research and copywriting.

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Sell My Car Sydney SEO Copywriting

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We increased organic traffic by 237.43%

seo sydney company are you selling case study

At SEO Sydney, we began working with Are You Selling in February of 2016. We worked to steadily increase organic traffic with strong and thorough on page optimisation. We implemented a strong internal dynamic content strategy which benefits typical users looking to sell their cars.

Just like with every new company we take on, we started by creating a technical implementation document which outlined how we would structure their website and what creative content strategy we wanted to achieve. This included creating page hierarchies and content silos, for us to ensure our dynamic content was visible and accessible. All of this was orientated around the keywords they wanted to rank for. These keywords are considered throughout the implementation, with H1s and H2s often being created based on them. This means the keywords appeared more frequently throughout the website, and were more relevant to Google when indexing them. 

When working with keywords to optimise SEO we also integrated keywords such as “sell my bike” and “sell my car” into new pages/tabs on the website. This was in line with our H1 and H2 strategy formatted in our implementation document. This resulted in more clicks per page, leading to more organic traffic and thus more conversions.

We know smart dynamic content is important for SEO, so we needed to create and implement a content strategy for Are You Selling. After a couple of brainstorming sessions we derived a content strategy based on two main factors.  1. Location ie: geo location of content and 2. Scenic drives based upon the idea that when you sell your car usually sellers have a second new one lined up as a more fitting/upgrade option. Given this, we created posts that focused on scenic drives and destinations that can be reached by car within the relevant state and created vibrant and share worthy content to fall in line with this copywriting SEO strategy.

Here are some examples of content pieces we wrote for Are You Selling:

  1. Scenic Drive Perth
  2. Adelaide Look-Out Points: The Local’s Guide
  3. Sydney Destination Drives: Under an hour from the CBD 

By ensuring that content that is relevant to their costumers, and interesting enough to stand out from their competitors, we helped Are You Selling with content that brought them organic traffic, and kept their visitors interested once they were on the site.


We also helped Are You Selling with further development of their website once we had already established a great relationship them. One of the highlights from this is their conversion guide, which lets you type in the details of your car and they will judge a price that car can sell for. This also includes a timer so you are aware of how long this price is available. A really convenient feature for their customers.

are you selling seo melbourne car quote

We know that dynamic content that is updated frequently is important to increase SEO. Google sees sites that are being updated frequently as being more relevant, and this will lead to rankings. One of our innovations to assist with this is the ‘latest cars sold’ section of the website. Here, Are You Selling posts an update with a brief paragraph every time they sell a car. This is ensuring that the site is constantly updated with relevant posts featuring targeted keywords.

Another feature we have worked on is the car guides section of the site. This section discusses many common makes and models of cars, giving insight into their features and details. It also discusses pricing of the car. This is a helpful section of the site for both buyers and sellers as it gives insight into what Are You Selling can do, but also handy information for those looking at purchasing a new car. 

This section of the website has been instrumental in increasing organic traffic. As seen below, in just six months since the page was created, the guide on the Volvo-XC90, has been visited 837 times, with 748 unique visitors. This is an impressive figure, and indicates that visitors to Are You Selling are highly interested in the content we are creating.

car guide are you selling seo sydney

volvo-xc90 car guides seo sydney

This isn’t a one off incident, many of our car guides pages are ranking well, and bringing visitors back to the site, as well as bringing in new ones. Our car guides section is also ranking highly with the most visited pages on the site, an impressive fact for a site of their size with many visitors. When site users are staying on the site to read longer guides like these, they are more likely to trust the company, creating business for Are You Selling.

You can see that our continued work on the site ensures continued success for our client. From April 2017 to April 2018, their organic traffic grew by 59%. It is solid proof like this that shows our dedication to our clients pays off.

Ultimately, SEO Sydney has helped Are You Selling in the past grow as a company and continues to do so today!