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Megasorber is a highly technical soundproofing company based in Melbourne. Megasorber recently worked soundproofing the new E-class trams in Melbourne.  As a result when you commute on the E-Class they are surprisingly quiet on the inside compared with the rattling of the older trams running the many routes around Melbourne.

Our SEO services based in Sydney worked hard on both on-page optimisation and content siloing and categorisation to obtain the number #1 ranking for soundproofing Australia wide. Megasorber contains some of the best online technical information on soundproofing on the web in Australia. This coincides with their fantastic product offering and consequentially their number one Google rankings.

Megasorber SEO Services Sydney

In the first month, SEO Sydney performed a detailed analysis of the market, including Megasorber’s competitors and USPs. We wanted to make sure that Megasorber’s exceptional popularity with commercial clients is a feature that stands out during our campaign. We created an implementation document, where we identified most effective keywords for our targeted SEO campaign. After consultation with Megasorber, we then implemented our strategy which focused on creating original and effective written content, improving website interface and on-page optimisation.

As a result, we boosted Megasorber’s rankings extensively and ranked the company as #1 on Google for keywords:
#1 for “Soundproofing”
#1 for “Sound Proofing”
#1 for “Sound Proofing Insulation”
#1 for “Fireproof Soundproofing”

In less than 18 months, SEO Sydney managed to extensively increase Megasorber’s organic traffic by ranking it #1 for keywords previously not ranked in the top #50 on Google.