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Mechanic Desk
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Mechanic desk a workshop software company required more exposure to search engines via keywords “Mechanic Software” & Mechanic Workshop Software”. Both ranked #1 at times during our campaign. All keywords for the campaign bar two out of 11 rank on the first page. Keep in mind that we typically focus on main, high volume, competitive keywords and that the client ranks for many varied long tail keywords also but are not included in this data.
Organic Traffic
We can see a extreme growth in organic traffic over the course of a 6 month period in which we ran an SEO Campaign . This also included increases in metrics such as the overall number of sessions, new users and page views for this period. January saw a 36.20% increase in organic traffic in comparison to the month of December. However, when compared with the month of July, since campaign inception working with you there had been almost a 3,000% increase in overall number of organic search traffic and a 452.20% increase in new users. Fantastic result.


We helped Mechanic desk formulate an SEO content strategy that helped facilitate the above growth. Like with all our SEO campaigns we created a custom implementation document. We provided consultancy around the introduction of their blog back into their mother url.

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