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Organic Traffic Comparison October 2020 vs October 2017
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SEO Sydney started working with Eastcoast Sailing in May 2018. The goal was to improve their website’s performance and to improve their accessibility for users searching for Boat hire in Sydney. Since the start of SEO Sydney’s campaign with Eastcoast Sailing, we have seen a great improvement in a range of crucial metrics involved with the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). These metrics are vital to the Google search algorithm.

Organic Search Traffic Overview 

East Coast Sailing Organic results Acquisition

When looking at the organic search traffic trend for Eastcoast Sailing, we see that it has maintained a positive trend from May 2018 (start of SEO campaign) to January 2021. As sailing is primarily popular in the summer, due to this seasonality aspect of the business, it is natural for organic search traffic to be higher close to and during the summer months in Sydney, Australia.

Traffic Acquisition Comparison

Aquicition results East Coast sailing SEO

In comparing July 2018 with July 2021, there is a 64.4%  increase in organic search traffic for the Eastcoast Sailing website. This indicates that the SEO techniques that we have implemented for the business have had a positive impact on their organic search traffic.


East Coast Sailing SEO results

When comparing July 2021 with October 2017, there is a 234.56% increase in organic search traffic for the Eastcoast Sailing website which is another positive SEO result for our clients.

    Goal Completions

    Booking enquiry completions have increased by 40.66% throughout September to November 2020 compared to the same period in 2019.

    In particular, when comparing November 2020 with November 2019, there has been a 50.79% increase in booking enquiry completions. This is a testament to our strong SEO strategy that has helped increase conversions and hence East Coast Sailing’s business.

    Our strategy for East Coast Sailing

    The strategy we used to achieve these results followed a content based approach and site restructure that improved the site’s organic search traffic, UI and UX. Indicators such as these are vital to the Google search algorithm in building organic search rankings over time.

    This restructure included website development which also involved a home page redevelopment and SEO orientated design that centralised access to content and other links.

    SEO Sydney Case Study East Coast Sailing

    Sydney SEO Dynamic Content Example

    By optimising these aspects, our SEO Sydney Company improved East Coast Sailing’s bounce rate and page views as well.

    It was also important to ensure that content was of a high standard, whilst being relevant and useful to the user. This prompted the inclusion of blog posts on a range of Boat hire Sydney related topics including What To Wear On A Cruise In Sydney, 5 Great Reasons To Charter A Yacht in Sydney for Valentines Day and the Best Sydney Harbour Waterways to visit, amongst many more.

    Another advantage of including a range of content pieces is that Eastcoast Sailing was made visible to a more diversified audience who may be searching for information on these topics. The following results for Eastcoast Sailing were thus made possible through this campaign.

    • 195% increase in French users
    • 83% increase in American users
    • 21% increase in Melbourne users
    • 24% increase in Brisbane users

    Whilst these may be foreign visitors, they may also be potential customers or may generate crucial Word of Mouth exposure for Eastcoast Sailing’s Boat hire Sydney service.

    Content and website development strategies like these are an approach commonly adopted by us at SEO Melbourne & Sydney. With fresh content being added frequently by our talented team of content writers, metrics such as these will continue to grow with the life of the Eastcoast Sailing campaign.

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