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SEO Sydney worked with Aircon to boost their rankings before the summer season kicks in to achieve the biggest exposure and conversions possible.

We only started implementing our SEO services for Aircon in mid December 2018, and the results we achieved since blow us away. SEO Sydney crafted a unique SEO campaign focusing on creating a custom implementation document detailing strategies to enhance user experience on the site. We brought up product pages that were initially not linked to onto the home page. Siloing all products and boosting their visibility as a part of the H3 navigation structure was another strategy. We also added dynamic content in a form of a blog feed, pulling fresh content onto the pages. This made the site a lot more attractive to search engines.

The results we achieved within just over a month have been outstanding:

  • organic traffic increased by 285% within 2 months;
  • rankings for keywords such as ‘Chiller Rental’ and ‘Chiller Hire’ boosted by 40+ ranks and ranking #3 and #4 respectively;
  • audience acquisition boosted by 465% in December 2018 compared with the year before.

SEO Sydney Organic Traffic SEO Case Study

We’re looking forward to seeing Aircon’s rankings and traffic growing just as much (or even more) this year!