WordPress SEO Advanced Strategies, Part 2: Archive Pages


WordPress SEO Advanced Strategies, Part 2: Archive Pages

In today’s video, SEO Sydney will be talking about how to properly optimise your archive pages to ensure they don’t drain your page ranking.

Archive pages are typically used as a way to designate and categorise content, such as blog posts. Category pages on WordPress are an example of archive pages. You should make sure you assign the appropriate meta information to your archive pages, so the bare-looking pages make sense to users and search engines. Each archive page should include a header and page description to inform users and search engines of the page content. This prevents users from thinking they have landed on the wrong page, and stops them from clicking away.

Another good strategy is to use the “next” and “previous” functions for your category pages. This prevents duplication, ensuring the introductory content is indexed only once.

Stay tuned for Part 3 our WordPress Advanced SEO Strategies series, where we will discuss how to use the canonical tag.

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