WordPress SEO Advanced SEO Strategies – Part 4 Comment Optimisation

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WordPress SEO Advanced SEO Strategies, Part 4: Comment Optimisation

Welcome to Part 4 of our series on advanced SEO strategies for WordPress. By now you should have watched Part 1 of our series on No Follow Tags, Part 2 on Archived Pages, and Part 3 on canonical tags. Today, we will be discussing another advanced tactic you can use to boost your website’s ranking – comment optimisation.

Comment optimisation is an important SEO strategy that not many people take advantage of. It’s great if users are commenting on your websites, but it can also pose problems. You may have perfectly crafted your website copy to ensure the perfect keyword balance, only to have it skewed by comments at the bottom of the page.

To fix this, you should index each comment under a separate URL, each with its own H1 tag. This way, you get the most out of your posts, and provide many more points of entry for search engines to access your site. This strategy also ensures that your carefully chosen keywords are not hidden, and are as powerful as ever.

Ask your web developer for more information about how to set this up on your WordPress site.

Be sure to tune into our other SEO TV episodes for more tips on your SEO strategies.

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