Why Should You Hire An In House SEO Expert

In our previous video Why should you hire an external SEO agency” we looked at the reasons why working with a team of external SEO experts can be good for your business. In this video we will discuss the benefits of hiring an in-house SEO specialist. Doing so can be a great idea especially for bigger businesses with whole teams dedicated to marketing. Let’s have a look at why doing that could be beneficial to your business.

You have control over what your in-house SEO expert is working on and what your business’ SEO strategy is. This means you have more time and opportunity to discuss and monitor the results of your SEO campaign. According to Digital360, having that opportunity can be especially beneficial for businesses which are just starting out and need to establish themselves in the industry. Having a team member focused solely on improving your online visibility and broadening your customer base can be crucial in helping your business progress to the next level.

Moreover, an in-house employee will be more invested in and dedicated to your business. They will know more about the way your business operates and will understand what it needs more than an external agency would. This means an internal employee will care more about the success of your business, which can be crucial in establishing a well thought-out SEO campaign.

An in-house SEO expert will also have easy access to other departments within your business, which can encourage collaboration and exchange of ideas between your employees. Not only does that strengthen the relationships between your team members making your team more resilient, but it also encourages innovative ideas and solutions you might have not thought of otherwise. After all, innovation and development is what every business should be investing in, so why not start now?

Hiring an in-house SEO specialist can be highly beneficial, especially if you’re a new business in need of scaling up and securing a customer base. Even though it might be costly and time-consuming, it can bring returns for your business in the long-run. However, if you’d like to make sure that your SEO strategy is handled by a team of professionals who take care of all the bits and bobs such as recruitment, professional development and employee assessment, it might be a good idea to hire a professional SEO agency instead.

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