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Customer persona can be used as a foundation in developing other tools in the content strategy paradigm, such as buyer insights. A buyer insight is a deeper understanding of an audience which stems from a comprehension of their behavioural, attitudinal, and ethical purchasing influencers. Well-measured insights can lead toward value creation, marketing & sales synergy, and business growth, ultimately creating a competitive advantage for your business.

This week, SEO Sydney is going to take a look at a case study – DOVE REAL BEAUTY CAMPAIGN. They have understood that their audience shares the sentiment of, “I want to be admired for my real beauty on the inside, not for what I look like on the outside.” By showing that the brand understands their buyer and promotes the same attitudes and beliefs of their market, Dove are able to reaffirm and strengthen their customers’ positive brand views. The positivity of these attitudes is reflected in their consumer behaviour which has seen the company’s revenue almost double since the start of the campaign, growing from 2.5billlion in 2004 to 4 billion in 2014.

Each type of influencer (behavioural, attitudinal, and ethical) must be applied with context to the buyer’s situation in order to gain a useful insight. Context is crucial in developing insights as it applies a situational perspective to the analysis rather than generalising or assuming the reason behind the audience’s motives. This means that applying one customer persona to similar regions may not yield the same results somewhere else. For example, using one customer persona to target a specific audience in Sydney may not apply to the same audience in Melbourne. It is not as simple as saying, “customers based in Melbourne do not like our product”. Rather, it could be due to the differences in laws or attitudes between the two cities, which in turn can affect the buyer’s behaviour. In regards to consumer insights, context is what can provide a distinction between an assumption and a conclusion.

In understanding context of influencers further, we must understand the relationship between them. Behavioural, attitudinal, and ethical attributes in consumerism are all determined by their co-dependent connection. Watch our next video to learn more about how these can affect your online presence and interaction with your clients,

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