Using Buyer Insights To Create Alignment With Your SEO Campaign


With insights into a market’s behaviour formed through the development of customer persona, businesses can mediate their output to appropriately cater to their audience. Alignment of business goals with customer demands is essential in providing a successful product or service. Data is critical to ascertaining such insights.

SCREENGRAB: “The use of strategic alignment allows an organization to contemplate its longevity and to find how achievable its visions for the future are.” – Morrison, E. D., et al., 2011.

Comprehension of a market’s behaviour, desires, and demands gives businesses an advantage in adhering to these requests. From this information, culture and strategy can be shaped within the organisation so that the output reflects the internal operations and core values.

Such theories are examined in the work of Garbarino & Johnson (1999) who highlight that the level of a customer’s relation to a business can ultimately affect their attitudes and future intentions. Their work demonstrated that occasional customers to any one business attributed customer satisfaction to component attitudes and future intentions, while regular customers saw trust and commitment as the driving force of their attitudes and future intentions. With this understanding, businesses are able to comprehend what values different customers want, and are then able to align their organisational values accordingly to mould their product or service to best fit their target audience.

If you are looking to find out more about how customer persona’s gain buyer insights, check out our case study on Dove Real Beauty’s campaign. 

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