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Social media is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. Today, SEO Sydney is going to tell you about the best practices for insuring that your social media feeds are optimised effectively. To optimise your social media post for SEO. Start each post with a keyword that relates to your business. This is the first thing customers see in search results, and if the keyword relates to what they have searched for they are more likely to click on the link.

This strategy is especially important for tweets and google plus results. In your social media strategy aim to update your feeds at least every two weeks. To create a dynamic and engaging content feed. Include spaces for these content feeds on your website. Where your customers can directly read your latest tweets and post. You can install the feed them social plugin to help you out. This plugin lets you control exactly how many posts, words and videos are show right away to the user. Many social media platforms also let you unlock key social media features when you choose the premium versions. These premium features allow you to present your social account on a page or side bar widget. This could be exactly what your client is after.

For more tips on how to utilise social media and SEO, check out SEO Sydney today!


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