How Do I Build An Online Social Community & Network For My Business? Facebook For Business

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How Do I Build An Online Community For My Business? Facebook For Business

Well in theory an interactive social media platform for your website is a fantastic opportunity, in reality sometimes it is a lot harder than it seems. For many companies, their ‘likes’ or ‘people following them’ fails to reach a number that can lead to any performance.

So how do you, as a business, generate interest and attention amongst the millions of other Facebook and Twitter accounts out there on the Internet? What are the steps you can take to go from having no followers, to having thousands?

The first steps

The first thing to remember is that you aren’t really starting from scratch. Leverage the people, blogs, sources and communities that you already have ties with online in regards to your business.

One you have taken this into consideration you’ll have a list of where to begin; what people you think will be interested in your business, and what information they are after. From there, you can begin to start building your social presence online and create yourself a community.

Who are you and what do you want?

The very first question you have to ask yourself before you enter the social networking world is; what do I want out of this? Do you want to create a community that creates interaction between your business and your consumers? Do you want to draw attention to online promotions with the click of the button? Or, are you hoping to just increase your SEO ranking?

Once you’ve established what you want out of your community, you can decide what type of audience you are hoping to receive attention from, and what it is they hope to receive from you.

The most interactive and successful communities aren’t just there for themselves; they care about their consumers and what they want; and vice versa. By having these qualities your community will generate more conversation, more listeners, and eventually, more members.

Look at the bigger picture

Always remember that quality is more important than quantity. A Facebook page with thousands of disinterested followers doesn’t make a community. Instead, your goal should be to start creating and cultivating relationships with your consumers, who can support you as you grow as a business.

Burt’s Bees Facebook page is used to promote new products, as well as make-up tips from celebrity make-up artist, Katey .

Try not to limit yourself, or your online community, by avoiding the bigger picture. What you may hope to achieve from your social networking may change over time as your business grows and adapts. It’s important to remember the limitless opportunities that social media can provide for your business. Our Facebook 101 clip can further assist you in optimising your Facebook posts.

If you are wanting to read more check out this article on how to build a local social network , or get in contact with a SEO expert.

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