Aligning Your Website Data For UX, UI & Your SEO

Cohesion between output, organisational values, and customer values greatly assist in building a positive image for the company, which is often rewarded through the medium of customer satisfaction. Studies have shown a significant relationship with customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and trust, all of which assist in forming a brand’s reputation.

“According to the observations, reputation is the major independent variable that has significant relationship with customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and trust.” – Gul, 2014.

This data is consistent with the findings of Garbarino & Johnson (1999), which show trust and customer satisfaction as influential factors in forming market opinion. When trying to build a positive brand reputation, many companies focus their efforts on outbound marketing.
One significant factor of alignment in regards to outbound marketing involves the use of SEO. Through website and content development, SEO is able to enhance user experience on the front end of a business’ organisational strategy. The aesthetic of a website enables the visual engagement of users, and other features, such as the accessibility, functionality, and usability of the website, to contribute to the image of your brand, which in turn shapes your market’s opinion of your product or service.

Include visuals of navigation through a well-developed website, possibly SEO Melbourne’s or a client’s
SEO Melbourne is a good example of a website that is both visually appealing while still being easy to navigate. As we can see at the top of the homepage, there is a menu that lists our most common services. This includes services, results, SEO blog, contact page and our SEO TV episodes, also accessible on our SEO Sydney site. However, this is useful for people who know what they’re after. For those who don’t, all they have to do is scroll down the homepage to find more information about each of our services. They just click on the link and it takes them to a page that details a bit more information. This reinforces how easy it is for SEO Melbourne users to find exactly what they’re after, painlessly and efficiently. Neil Patel has focused more on how a well structured site will enhance your SEO, or our article on how to build a successful landing page.

To complement these factors, relevant content must be regularly created to not only provide fresh information for the audience, but to also allow for optimal SEO techniques to be applied effectively on the back end. Aligning back end techniques with front end strategies optimises the discoverability of your website which is imperative in marketing, as if there is no incoming traffic, the website’s design and content will have no audience to affect. Ultimately, alignment enables a company’s services and values to correlate with terms highly sought after by their audience to assist in creating common goals and synergy between the business and customer.

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