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3 Things Go to Court Lawyers is Doing Right With Their Law Firm SEO


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3 Things Go to Court Lawyers is Doing Right With Their SEO Strategy: A Case Study

Go To Court Lawyers is a law firm based in Melbourne that this month received roughly 202,233 monthly visitors. To put that into perspective, that is about 3.9% of the population of Melbourne. Currently, Go To Court Lawyers is ranking number one in the search rankings for the keyword: Lawyer Melbourne. Why has their law firm SEO caught our eyes at SEO Sydney


Let’s discuss three ways this law firm managed to utilise Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to boost its rankings.


 One-Stop Shop For Your Law Firm SEO

Go To Court Lawyers stands out from the rest by having all the information that you need readily available and easily accessible. They offer state-specific articles that provide in-depth legal information. What they have done is create an enormous hub for people to utilise and learn about very specific legal issues.


By offering content specifically written under the differing laws of each Australian state, Google recognises them as a highly valuable, relevant, and useful website. With this impressive backlog of useful content, Go To Court Lawyers have positioned themselves as the go-to one-stop shop for law in Australia. 

SEO Sydney Case Study on Go to Court Lawyers One-Stop Shop


Landing Page That’s Actually Useful

Immediately upon opening the Go To Court Lawyers website, a landing page greets you with a simple layout, containing information that is relevant to what customers need. 


Multiple call-to-action buttons are placed throughout the whole page so that at any moment, a user can easily get in contact with a specialist to receive a consultation.


The landing page has resources easily and readily available, and if someone wants to find something quickly they can utilise the search function.

SEO Sydney Case Study on Go to Court Lawyers Useful landing page


Solid Backlink Profile

A backlink (sometimes known as “inbound links”) is when a website links to another website through anchor text. Go To Court Lawyers has over 7600 backlinks from roughly 2100 different websites, giving them an incredibly strong domain rating of 46. They don’t just have large amounts of links though, they have ensured that they receive links from relevant websites that have a high amount of authority within the algorithm.


By receiving a large number of backlinks directly relevant to law, they ensure all links connect to their own content and services. This close relevancy tells search engines what to associate a website with, allowing for Go To Court Lawyers to tie closely with Australian law and lawyers.

SEO Sydney Case Study on Go to Court Lawyers law firm SEO


SEO Sydney: Key Insights

Go To Court Lawyers has successfully utilised SEO strategies to dominate the search rankings in Australia, attracting over 200,000 monthly visitors. Their one-stop-shop mentality with content has made it easy for potential customers to find any information they need when facing a legal matter. 


Additionally, their landing page is structured in a way that clearly provides the information that the user needs, with big call-to-action buttons, easy-to-navigate menus, and hyperlinks leading users to other useful pages. 


Finally, the Go To Court Lawyers backlink profile is highly relevant and helps them to reach high rankings in the algorithm.

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