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The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest SEO


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Whilst SEO Sydney doesn’t offer Pinterest SEO per se, we know a thing or two about optimising your profile, increasing clicks, and driving traffic to your website. Just like a search engine, Pinterest allows users to find relevant and keyword-rich blogs, videos, products, and images. Posts generated by Pinterest have more chances to appear on Google search results. Since Pinterest is a highly visual platform, Pinterest SEO strategies would include choosing the right format for images and video, stimulating engagement with your target market, and adding features like the “Save” button and “Rich Pins” on your profile. To reach a wider audience, you need to optimise your Pinterest profile. The following Pinterest SEO tips and strategies will help your business to gain more attention. Let’s dive in!

Pinterest SEO App


Get started with creating a Pinterest Business Account

Before we hop into Pinterest SEO strategies, we need to start with creating a Pinterest Business Account. The business account provides analytics on your Pins and gives you a chance to create advertisements for your business via Pinterest Ads Manager. If you already have a Pinterest account for personal use and would like to use the same account for convenience, you can either create a linked business account or convert your personal account into a business account. 

Optimize Pinterest Profile

Next, choose an SEO-friendly username and display name. Your username will be included in your profile’s URL and the display name will appear on your Pinterest profile. Both should be considered carefully as they represent your brand. Similarly, your bio should also follow the same style. It is where you state the purpose of your business and be sure to include relevant keywords in the first part of your bio. The second part can be anything that brings out the personality of your brand. Remember to also include your business’s website URL on your Pinterest profile. In general, your Pinterest profile should resonate with your brand image in order to increase brand awareness and further engage with the users.

Here is an example of Benefit Cosmetics’ Pinterest profile.

Pinterest Profile


Pinterest Analytics

As mentioned, you can check Pinterest analytics to review your business’s overall presence on Pinterest. This valuable insight can help you understand what kinds of published content work the best on Pinterest. Important metrics like impressions, total audiences, saves, engagements, pin clicks, and outbound clicks will help you track your success. 

Pinterest SEO Analytics


Create multiple Pinterest boards

As a brand, you should create a collection of boards where you save and categorize your Pins for your followers to easily navigate and follow the boards. Having multiple Pinterest boards also helps your business to increase the chances of your pins being seen. Make sure to set your boards as “secret” and publish it when you are done managing them.

Below is an example of a popular Pinterest account: Oh Joy’s boards.

Pinterest Boards Example

Create and pin quality content

To attract users into re-pinning your content, your Pin should be visually pleasing and relevant to them. The tips for SEO-friendly pins include: ensuring the ideal pin size is 1,000 px by 1,500 px (a ratio of 2:3), incorporating enticing titles such as “12 Budget-Friendly Home Design Ideas DIY”, and adding eye-catching colors. When uploading videos, refrain from selecting horizontal dimensions. Optimal ratio sizes for video 1:1, 9:16, 4:5, and 2:3. 

In addition to choosing the right image, businesses should have appropriate descriptions for the pins. A good description gives users a preview of what your post is about and whether or not they want to click on your website. Descriptions can include relevant keywords and user-friendly links to the content featured in the post. It is essential to use detailed descriptions for Pinterest to locate and display your post when there are relevant searches. 

Understanding Pinterest search algorithm 

Since Pinterest works as a visual search engine, it is important to understand the ranking factors that influence the search algorithm. The four main ranking factors are domain quality, pin quality, pinner quality, and topic relevance. 

1) Domain quality

The domain quality looks into the quality of your blog website from Pinterest’s perspective. And to improve this, you need to claim your website and add either a meta tag or upload an HTML file to your website. Here is more information on how to claim your website on Pinterest. Another tip is to enable rich pins on your blog. It basically provides users to see more details about your content instantly and also helps sync information from your website whenever your make changes to your blog posts. The last tip to improve domain quality is to have a consistent schedule for pinning. This can improve consistent traffic for your profile and it can be helped by using a Pinterest scheduling tool. 

2) Pin quality

Pin quality gives you an idea of how popular and trendy a pin is. It measures through users’ interaction with a pin — save, comment, and click through. To improve this, you need to generate compelling images, videos, and blog post titles, and delete or archive any low-performing posts. 

3) Pinner quality

This is in relation to how Pinterest will evaluate you as a content creator through looking at what you repin from other users. They will see whether the pins you share are of high quality as well as the level of interaction you have with pins. Thus, it is vital to pin consistently, save pins, interact, and repin the popular and relevant content. 

4) Topic relevance (Pinterest keywords)

Topic relevance should be prioritised when you are sharing any content on your Pinterest profile. You can simply check the keywords using Pinterest built-in search bar and look at the suggestions from the autofill feature. After knowing relevant keywords, include them in your profile to improve the topic relevance level. Remember that using the right keywords helps Pinterest in connecting your pins with the target users who are most inclined to click on your blog. 

Pinterest topic relevance


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