You already know that keeping up-to-date with changes to Google’s search algorithms is essential. If you’re not in the know then your chance of exploring and executing bad SEO is far greater. If you are up to date and can understand the current SEO algorithm landscape then you have a far better chance of implementing positive change for future organic growth. But Google changes these algorithms constantly, so it can be difficult to keep track of every tweak and update. Once the algorithm is edited, it can be difficult to understand, analyse and then implement change accordingly.To help you get the most benefits out of these changes, SEO Sydney has tracked the most recent changes to Google’s algorithms for you. We will share our SEO tips with you, so you can implement SEO strategy on your website and stay ahead of your competitors.

Today we will talk about implementing a sound content strategy on your website using long-form content for SEO to align with a number of Google’s algorithmic updates over the past year.

Google updated its algorithms to reward detailed long-form content, similar to a news article. Updated in late September, the Panda algorithm penalised websites with thin, insubstantial content. This means that to return better search results, your website should include rich content with lots of in-depth information. Tell your customers what they want to hear, and also provide them with long-form content that makes them want to stay on your website.

This update comes after Google also rewarded rich long-form content last year with a higher SEO ranking. In August 2013, an algorithm update started promoting in-depth content which appears similar to news content.

Long-form content enjoys a prominent location in Google’s search result page. Since August 2013, Google has rewarded some in-depth content by showcasing it at the top of search results pages in the In The News Box.

Previously Google reserved this space for traditional news websites. However, the current algorithm update expanded the types of sources that could appear here. Now blogs and business websites can appear in this prominent location as well. If you write long, more engaging and informative content, Google will privilege this, no matter if you are a traditional news source or not.

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