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PPC & SEO Landing Pages: More SEO From Your PPC Bid


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There is a notion that PPC is an expensive investment compared to SEO. But, what we’ve found at SEO Sydney is that considering the time, money, and energy that a business or individual would invest into optimising their SEO landing page for a search engine ranking, would it be more effective to gain brand awareness and research insights into what PPC can offer? According to, 86% of web searches trust organic links, while 50% of people arrive at a retailer’s site via a paid ad. So, which of the two would be a better investment, or can we leverage the strengths of both PPC and SEO Landing Pages?
In this post, we’ll differentiate between SEO landing pages and PPC landing pages, and explore how PPC can be used as a branding and research tool for SEO landing pages, even if it can seem like an expensive approach. Let’s begin with a brief rundown of what SEO landing and PPC landing pages are.

What are Landing Pages?

First of all, a Landing Page is the web page that your website visitors arrive at after clicking on your link via the search engine. For example, a web user types in ‘shoes’ into the Google Search box and your website link appears in on the Google Results Page. The user then clicks on your link and then arrives at your webpage – this is known as your landing page.
Now, we have two types of landing pages, there are SEO Landing Pages and PPC Landing Pages.

SEO Landing Pages

SEO Landing Pages (Search Engine Optimised Landing Pages) are designed to attract organic search traffic from search engines. As organic traffic is ‘free’ in a sense, SEO Landing pages are effective for long-term publicity of a brand, product or service if the landing page ranks on the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP). In order for a web page to rank on the first SERP, link building, keyword optimisation, and usability are important factors to consider in order to build the authority and relevancy of a web page and to match users’ search queries. As such, SEO Landing Pages are content heavy and target a large set of keywords to attract a high volume of organic traffic. From a sales and marketing perspective, SEO Landing Pages are designed to qualify leads for conversion by informing or educating the visitor then guiding them to a conversion page – turning visitors into happy customers or subscribers.

PPC Landing Pages

PPC Landing Pages (Pay Per Click Landing Pages) attract search traffic by using paid advertising on SERPs. PPC Landing pages are designed to convert visitors into customers or subscribers. As such, content is kept to a minimum as to not detract visitors from the main goal of conversion, and often utilise imagery, video and testimonials to direct visitors to a conversion. PPC Landing Pages target a specific set of keywords that match queries for people who intend on making a purchase or subscription. As opposed to SEO Landing Pages, link building and bounce rates are not relevant for PPC Landing Pages as, despite these factors, a PPC Landing page will appear on the first page of the SERPs. Rather, Click Through Rate (CTR), Conversion Rate and Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) are metrics that should be focused on. PPC Landing pages are usually set up to support temporary campaigns.

Using PPC to enhance SEO

Using PPC as a Keyword Research Tool

The insights generated from PPC Landing pages can help you to accurately identify the keywords that are potentially driving conversions. The keywords that obtain the highest Impressions and CTR are the keywords that you should build content upon in your SEO strategy. Impressions show you the number of times your ad appears on the SERP while the CTR shows you how often your ad was clicked on. Therefore, a high number of impressions and high CTR for a keyword reflect the reach of that keyword, and the more reason you should use it in your SEO content strategy.

You may come across some expensive PPC keywords with a high number of impressions. Rather than pay for these expensive keywords, use them in your SEO content strategy to propel your SEO Landing Page higher in the SERPs.
In addition, impressions data can show you the geographic region of where your audience are making search queries from as well as the time of day and device they are using – giving you insights into how you can tailor your campaigns, accordingly.
Adwords Keyword Research Impressions and CTR | PPC & SEO Landing Pages | SEO Company Sydney

Use PPC to test performance of ad copy and landing pages

When using PPC, you can create multiple ads, so it wouldn’t hurt to experiment with different ad titles and copy. Experimenting with different ad titles and copy allows you to identify which ads receive the higher number of impressions and higher CTR, to which you can use the best ad for your SEO Landing Page. While you’re at it, don’t be afraid to experiment with your landing page to see which format or style will achieve the better conversion rate.

Testing Ad Copy | PPC & SEO Landing Pages | SEO Agency Sydney

Use PPC retargeting to bring back lost SEO conversions

PPC gives you the added advantage of using retargeting to bring back lost conversions. According to Wordstream, the average conversion rate is 2.35%, while a conversion rate above 5% is considered awesome. Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a way to bring back those lost conversions by tracking your website visitors around the web and serving them your ads on other web pages that are part of an Advertisement Display Network. As explained, you can use PPC to set up remarketing to bring lost conversions back to your website.

Google Analytics Remarketing Link | PPC & SEO Landing Pages | SEO Sydney

Using PPC as a branding enhancer

Optimise upon the opportunities that a PPC Landing Page presents to you and your business. Given the first page ranking of a PPC Landing Page, use it to your advantage to spread awareness of your brand, products and service, and go a step further by earning backlinks. Although content is generally streamlined on a PPC Landing Page to direct visitors to a conversion, consider making room for a highly-linkable asset that visitors can link back to. This may come in the form of an infographic, apps, browser-based tools, videos, and almost any visual media (provided it’s relevant and valuable).

Backlinking to Linkable Assets | PPC & SEO Landing Pages | SEO Company Sydney

To PPC or not to PPC: You decide

The decision to use PPC comes down to a matter of perspective. Some people may see the inflow of organic traffic to an SEO Landing Page as ‘free’, whilst forgetting the costs (time, energy, money) involved in optimising an SEO Landing Page for a first page ranking. Similarly, some people will view PPC as an expensive form of advertising, whilst forgetting the potential to leverage upon its effective short-term benefits and the insights (as discussed), which can then be applied to, and boost an SEO strategy.

On the contrary, it’s important to consider if you would obtain the results you want if you did everything organically or through SEO. There’s no point in paying for 1000 clicks through PPC if you know you could obtain 1000 clicks through SEO. In other words, PPC needs to be a worthwhile investment.
If you do choose to use PPC, and have not yet done so – optimise your PPC Landing Page to push those conversions through. There’s not much point in spending money on PPC and getting clicks, only to find that you are not getting conversions. It may cost you a bit more time or money to get your PPC Landing Page off the ground, but you may as well make your PPC investment count. Like anything in business, your rewards to should outweigh your efforts, whether that be in time or money, or for the long term or short term – it comes down to a matter of perspective.
Want to discuss further whether your business would like to use SEO or PPC? Check out SEO Sydney – the experts in providing professional SEO and PPC services today!

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