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You have just set up your ideal website and want to start gaining some organic search traffic. You are beginning to become unsure how to gain audience attention. If this sounds familiar, then it is time to consider keyword optimisation and high value content driven landing pages. Let’s start to contribute to the internet in a positive way. Let’s contribute high quality SEO content to SEO Sydney.

Start to utilise SEO for your current web content:

Firstly, it is time to delve into some keyword research. A good way to generate increased traffic through search engines is to explore keywords that are already presenting your site with clicks. Find the green fields of impressions and clicks. Particularly keywords with high volumes where an improved ranking will generate significant exposure to clicks.

Here is a video from SEO TV on how to use Google Webmaster tools for keyword research:

Obtaining knowledge on what your target audience wants to learn is key in understanding which keywords work effectively for your website. The data displayed in webmaster tools also gives valuable insight into various keywords and how difficult it will be to rank for a given term, based on current average rankings. Keywords that have good monthly search volume is really anything over 1000 searches per month and preferably 3000+ searches, but not all keywords need to have this amount of volume, as some are fantastic conversion keywords compared to their higher volume cousins and relevant relations. In finding these ‘low competition keywords’, a tip is to check Google Trends to discover a chart of topics popularity over time.

Another question to consider is:

Are there search advertisements coming up along the top of the organic SERP results? On many occasions, if there are many search advertisements it means that the keyword is typically a high-value keyword. Additionally, multiple search ads above the organic results will suggest further the keyword is lucrative and a conversion-prone keyword.

Before writing any of your own new ideas this will give insights into the search volume that already exists. Creating multiple search options can help uncover topics that your customers are most likely to find helpful. Tip: When researching keywords for SEO initially keep your scope broad and consequentially zero in based on data, both actualised through Google analytics and webmaster tools and predicted based on an optimistic outlook of improved ranking.

SEO keyword research should be an ever-evolving part of the process, to keep up with changing tastes of audiences. One page or post on your site may gain traffic today. It does not mean it will tomorrow and there are ways to keep a post relevant and credible.

Case Study: Staying Relevant: Re-purposing and Evergreen Content

In recognising the ever-changing interests of people your website needs to offer value that goes above and beyond SEO. To please potential customers and consequently the search engines themselves, avoid creating “thin” pages that only obtain short terms success. Often, sites that promote “thin” low-value content face the additional risk of having low conversion rates and high bounce rates

In a case study for MegaSorber, SEO Sydney has proven to increase organic traffic ranking. Through both on-page optimisation, content creation and categorisation they have made soundproofing the number #1 ranked search Australia wide. Therefore, successfully combining the technical information on soundproofing and products offered by MegaSorber, it has promoted the website to viewers.

MegaSorber keyword optimisation ranking results SEO Sydney | Landing Pages


Overall, developing effective SEO content will require balancing the needs of customers with keyword optimisation efforts. Together, you will be able to effectively increase traction and the amount of readers for your website. In cases where search engines are not optimised, customers may find websites filled with good content but no audience. On the other hand, if content quality is neglected and “thin” it could also create low engagement. A unison of both substantial content creation and SEO involved in creating a successful website.

Keyword optimisation – develop unique keywords that draw attention to landing pages

So, how do we come upon these ‘right phrases and words’?

To begin, your business must start to understand what your intended customers wants to find out. Instead of using certain set phrases repeatedly, you should use the keyword research you find to uncover important topics. This creates diversity and non repeated subject matter keywords that answer the requirements of users.

Settling on the most suitable SEO keywords involves both trial and error. A few key mistakes can be avoided when selecting the most useful words:

  • Not expanding and revising the list of keyword
  • Only attempting to do keyword research once
  • Using words that are too popular
Keyword Competition example on Google Adwords SEO Sydney | Landing Pages

In terms of updating keywords, they ultimately need to be reevaluated periodically. High-volume keywords can be augmented with more specific phrases. One tip is to re purpose the word content aiming for further specificity. This increases markedly your propensity to gain exposure.

Another important factor when considering unique keywords is diversification. In the ‘keyword’ world diversity is vital in making sure your site will set you apart from competitors. It is useful to keep updated on results to find out who else uses your keywords.

SEO TV: Keyword Strategy & Name Prominence for SEO


Create entry points that go beyond the homepage:

Are you aware of how much search traffic is lost when your content falls off Page 1 of search engines? Chitika shows, domains that fall down to Page 2 will attract 5% of search engine traffic. Websites that are positioned on the first page will enjoy 95% of the attention from internet users.

However, just getting onto the first page is only the first step. Sites listed on the bottom of the page will not receive as much visibility as the ones at the top. The first website on Page 1 gets just under a third of the overall search traffic. The seventh listing will normally receive only 3.5%. Therefore, your company needs to consider how to create webpages to appear on the top of Google search engines.

Not all visitors will enter through the ‘front door’ – your home page. A well optimised website will funnel traffic on search engines through using multiple entry points, otherwise known as landing pages. Multiple pages can be created for services, adding more entry points for your website. Additional to this, if your company can solve various types of issues, you can utilise this to create different pages to explain how your product or service can assist those viewers that require the necessary information.

We can see from another case study presented by SEO Sydney – MessageMedia in the utilisation of unique keywords which has directed more users to other pages of the client’s website.

MessageMedia data for utilising keyword optimisation SEO Sydney | Landing Pages

In using keywords such as “Web SMS” and “Email to SMS” and making them tabs/navigation elements on their website, SEO Sydney has brought an increase amount of traction towards MessageMedia’s various pages, not only the homepage.

In using the specific tabs and new navigational elements, it assists in creating easy navigation improved UX for visitors and helps search engine spiders have an understanding on how to organise your website. This can ultimately help improve rankings and traffic and optimise your keywords.

Steps for how Google works SEO Sydney | Landing Pages

In general, Google wants to rank sites that are able to provide a large amount of resource for users. If viewers of your website are able explore the material and content, the more information they can gain from it, the better your page will be regarded by Google.

Therefore, in relation to avoiding creating “thin” pages and content, it is important to link the keywords you choose with the quality of content that motivates user’s desires to share information based on emotional and personal reinforcements. In combining these features, it allows your brand to share its material in a credible way and increases the chances of it becoming more shareable, while increasing the clicks on your website as you will be increasing the entry points to unique and valuable content.

Generating Landing Pages to create organic and original traffic:

Have your ever wondered why there are some types of content produce lots of search traffic and others don’t?

Assuming that your content provides lots of value it requires certain elements in order to drive some organic traffic:

  • Building more pages – whether the pages of your website are content rich or not, there would be more chance of visitors when you build more web pages. The more pages you have, the higher your probability of ranking for a larger amount of long-tail terms.
  • Make your pages contain value – your website should aim to quality content approved by Google. A way in which you can create valuable webpages if through focusing on creating user-generated material such as exclusive data and case studies, comprehensive resources, guides and lists

Additionally, sometimes all you need could be one high converting landing page to bring in larger traction. Often marketers spend a lot of time driving traffic to their websites with the intention of gaining a target audience that will opt-in during the process. However, if the destinations that are being created do not entice prospective customers then it can become useless.

Effective landing pages are usually standalone web pages with one focus – a ‘lead magnet’ or a ‘call to action’ to your target customer.

In a nutshell: your company needs a landing page to achieve a particular goal, whether that is building your brand, making a profit or growing your email list – it assists in creating a type of opt-in process.

Landing pages can be used for almost any purpose of your website. Examples are, to sell a product, capturing email leads, making an announcement or offering a discount… ultimately the choice is yours to decide. Spotify’s landing page:

An example of Spotify Landing Page SEO Sydney | Landing Pages

Some landing pages outperform others; however, a great landing page strikes a good balance between legible typography, well considered design, persuasive call to actions and sufficient content length.

We can see that Spotify’s Premium subscription page is colourful and bold, representing the large array of music the service is able to offer. The landing page does a good job in highlighting the main features of premium as well as the ’30-day free trial’ for those who are unfamiliar with the service before.

Landing pages work, however the rules on how to perfect them are not set I stone. Therefore, it would be useful to test different landing page designs and call-to-action buttons to identify which one works the best for your market.

A persuasive landing page that is combined with an effective conversion process can act as a driving force of converting a site visit into potential profit.

Keyword Selection: Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are usually those three and four keyword phrases that are very, very specific to the products and services you are selling. When a customer begins to use a certain phrase, they tend to be looking for exactly what they are wanting to buy. In many cases these ‘more descriptive phrases’ are going to produce higher sales than your average general search that tends to become geared more towards the type of research viewers do earlier on in their buying journey.

The key point to keep in mind is that people are generally only searching for one of three reasons – to learn something, go somewhere or to do something.

Integrating long-term keywords on your website maximise your organic search rankings and traffic as the search traffic will be targeted. In targeting long-term keywords, you can begin to become ranked in the top organic listings for a specific key phrase and several others. How can this be made possible?

How can this be made possible?

The majority of top brands don’t usually target long-tail keywords because of the potential low volumes across the results of search engines. However, this can be good news for your company. Instead of wasting money, time and resources trying to become the #1 ranked for the optimum long-tail keywords such as “SEO optimisation” which is more likely to produce a larger amount of keyword competition, why not find longer variations to work smarter to rank for them e.g. “best SEO optimisation strategies”?

User intent can only be determined these days by the keywords people are searching with. Besides other factors such as, mobile friendliness and site speed etc, you have to be aware that on-page keyword phrase usage increases the search volume performance of the content marketing efforts.

Therefore, if you are looking to attract new prospects to your company’s marketing system then you will have to look at long-tail keywords that are being searched for and from that information create helpful and useful content, based on those long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords go beyond SEO. Specific long-tail keywords can help in defining your goals, as search words indicate specific intent on behalf of the user conducting the keyword search. It is up to you to focus on the intended premise that is inherent in the key phrase and aligned your content with the searcher’s intent. This entails you identifying the primary topics and queries that searchers are looking to answer when examining for a specific term and generating content that address the user’s needs. The intent of a user can be broken down into four core categories:

 Four parts of searchers intent SEO Sydney | Landing Pages

There are some misconceptions among SEOs that search queries which are shorter have higher search volumes than longer ones.

An example that eliminates this theory:

Keyword volume example SEO Sydney | Landing Pages

Two phrases with four and five-word phrases have garnered significantly larger volumes of search than “lose weight” which gained much less volume.

An important aspect of keyword optimisation is using long-tail keywords. Long-tail search demand has been in existence since the beginning of web search and since then, there have been several attempts at tapping into the dominant stream that high amounts of unique content can provide. Essentially, they are longer and more specific keyword phrases that visitors are seemingly more likely to use when they are nearing the point-of-purchase or ‘late’ in the buying cycle.

They can act as the foundation of an effective SEO strategy as long-tail keywords account for 70% of all web searches.

Long tail keywords account for 70% of searches SEO Sydney | Landing Pages

Also, long-tail keywords are the path to overtaking the competition. Through SaaS company Conductor in their comprehensive, nine-month study of its keyword rankings within the search engines of Google. It ultimately discovered that long-term keywords with and without on-page optimisation gained more impact than single-word head terms.

Saas long term keywords in Google ranking data | Landing Pages | SEO Sydney

In general, managing long-tail keywords is simply a matter of generating better lines of communication between your business and the customers who are currently searching and actively searching for products and services you provide


Keyword optimisation is definitely a hands-on process of optimising as SEO often involves continuous testing, trial and error and improvement. The large spread of traffic that occurs for example, between the first and seventh listing on search engines creates competition for your company amongst many others fighting for the first position. However, through utilising comprehensive keyword research and engaging in the use of long-tail keywords it can help create additional pathways for viewers to discover your website, gaining more traction. If you would like help with this, find us at SEO Sydney – the experts in all things SEO


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