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3 Ways to Strengthen Your Site’s Off-Page SEO


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Many site owners tend to prioritise on-page SEO, consequently overlooking off-page SEO when optimising their site. In fact, off-page SEO is one of the most integral parts of SEO strategy today, and it is important for site owners to not turn a blind eye towards it. That being said, there are many off-page strategies that can help to strengthen your site. At SEO Sydney, we have a team of specialists who understand the importance of off-page SEO. Keep reading to follow some of our tips! 


What is Off-Page SEO? 

Off-page SEO refers to SEO tactics that are indirectly related to a website. In other words, think of off-page SEO to be ‘behind the scenes’ – they don’t involve publishing direct content to your site. Some examples of this could look like: 

  • Social media marketing 
  • Content and blog posts
  • Brand reviews 
  • Podcasts 
  • Link and citation building 

Your site’s ranking is deeply dependent on domain authority. That is, the more you reference credible and trustworthy websites, the search engine recognises your site to be more reliable and authentic. In this way, higher authority sites are greatly trusted by people, leading to higher shares or cross-references in future. This is why off-page SEO is so important – it is crucial to increase your site’s authority ranking. Below are three ways that the specialists at SEO Sydney use to strengthen our clients’ off-page SEO – you can try them for your own site, too!


High-Authority Link Building

high authority link building strengthens off-page SEO at SEO Sydney

Link building is an integral part of any off-page SEO strategy. As mentioned above, high authority sites drive the most rankings and traffic. Site pages that include backlinks from high-authority websites can increase the authority of your own site, helping you rank higher in SERPs, too! You can check the authority of any site using Semrush’s Authority Score. Plug in any URL to see the overall quality of a website and their effectiveness of using certain backlinks. Some credible and legitimate high-authority websites include:

The links you use should typically align with your site’s ethos or products. For example, if you run a travel blog, you would tend to include travel-related sites such as hotel reviews, travel-related activities, food recommendations, packing tips, etc. Try to diversify your backlinks as much as possible to gain wider traction. 

In saying this, while pages with more backlinks tend to rank higher, it is important to remember that quality > quantity! Your content should be the number one priority – if it is credible and relevant, your links should naturally embed itself, strengthening your site and off-page SEO. 


Social Media and Influencer Marketing 

social media and influencer marketing strengthens off-page SEO at SEO Sydney

It is no surprise that the world of social media and influencer marketing has changed the off-page SEO game. A whopping 93.33 per cent of internet users have some sort of social media account, and 85 per cent of them are regularly active. Different from traditional media, social media is a type of search engine where users are actively seeking content. That is why it is important to improve your content and utilise the algorithm to its fullest extent. 

Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are highly accessible to consumers. Try to treat social media platforms as a way for people to discover new brands and content. Posting content consistently, remaining present, and utilising your brand voice is the ultimate way to strengthen your brand presence and off-page SEO. 


Off-Page SEO: Reviews 

reviews help to strengthen off-page SEO at SEO Sydney

Online reviews are crucial for brand recognition and reputation. In fact, around 91 per cent of consumers read at least one review before considering purchasing a product. Reviews are an essential off-page SEO tactic for businesses. This is because search engines can analyse the data, receiving a clear indication of where your site stands. By receiving brand signals, your site’s authority can either be boosted or diminished. 

In March 2022, Google rolled out a major product reviews update, impacting many websites. The update aimed to drive rankings to sites’ reviews that were more authentic and typically included first-hand evidence, such as photos and videos. While Google reviews are trustworthy, it is also recommended to make use of third-party review platforms! At SEO Sydney, we recommend sites like:  


All in all, off-page SEO is integral to your site’s overall SEO strategy. As mentioned above, there are a wide variety of tactics that you can use to optimise your site and drive traffic to your business. If you are a site owner and don’t know where to start with your SEO journey, SEO Sydney is here to help! Feel free to contact us for a consultation, and visit our site for more information on what we do. 

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