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How To Optimise a WooCommerce Ecommerce Store

Top tips for WooCommerce Ecommerce Optimisation Ecommerce WooCommerce sites are ubiquitous these days but what is key to a successful one. Competitive prices? Range of products? Brands on offer? Quality and design? Whist the above are all important elements, it actually all comes down to one thing – volume of conversion prone traffic and how well your […]

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SERP Features | SEO Company Sydney

SERP Features: Why They’re Important For Your Business In 2018

Every second Google process 60,000+ searches. That means that this year there will be over 2 trillion Google searches. That’s a lot of Googling! It also means that as a digital marketer it is more important than ever to understand Google SERP Features and how they affect your webpage.  Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) […]

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SEO Sydney Google Podcasts Plan | Google's plan for podcasts

What Google’s Plan For Podcasts Means For Your SEO

We all know by now that Google search engine results have a massive impact on traffic leading to your website. When Google announced in April that they were going to be changing the way they handle podcasts, it peaked our interest at SEO Sydney immediately. We already know that audio search and personal assistant devices […]

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Fake Negative Reviews | Google Reviews Restaurant Trolls | Sydney SEO

How Fake Negative Reviews Are Affecting Restaurants’ SEO

“My restaurant is getting fake negative reviews!” “Who would do such a thing?” “How can I fix this?” Consumers and Online Reviews Before we get into how these reviews affect restaurants’ SEO, it is important to consider how consumers use online reviews when making purchasing decisions. According to BrightLocal’s 2017 Local Consumer Survey, 85% of […]

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Topic Cluster Blog Content SEO Sydney

SEO Topic Cluster Model

SEO Topic Cluster Model With every breakthrough in the world of technology, culture and human behavior undergo tectonic shifts. In today’s world, content production has been disrupted not only because search engines are getting smarter but also because users are scavenging the content like never before. This has made the ever so abundantly used long-tail […]

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Writing posts consistency | company SEO Sydney

Consistency Is Key – Building SEO Through SEO Strategic Content

You’ve started a website for your business and have been posting blog posts regularly for the past few weeks. As time goes on, it becomes more and more strenuous to maintain consistency in your post content that you’re happy with. Sound familiar? This is a common problem for those starting out in the blogging world. […]

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Digital marketing companies chatbots | SEO Sydney

Chatbots – Can They Improve SEO?

Last year we wrote about how Google Voice Search is already affecting SEO practices. We predicted that websites will soon (or even now!) need to start adapting new SEO strategies due to the increasing popularity of voice search platforms. SEO specialists should therefore start thinking about shifting their focus from single keywords to using conversational […]

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Personal Assistant Search Optimisation SEO Sydney

SEO Tools – Personal Assistant Search Optimisation (PASO) – Why It’s Vital For Business Henceforth

A new challenge has presented itself for digital marketers operating within the SEO industry. This challenge offers the opportunity to add another element to a marketers’ SEO tools. The rise in personal assistants such as Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apples Home-pod, now will hold their own new opportunity for search engine optimisation. Put simply […]

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Customer Reviews SEO | SEO Sydney Company

User Reviews: Can Negative Online User Reviews Increase SEO Rankings?

Can Negative User Reviews Increase SEO Rankings? P.T Barnum and The Greatest Showman recently reminded us that “there is no such thing as bad publicity” as even if critics didn’t have any positive things to say, it still meant that people were talking about their show. It was in the forefront of people’s minds. Whilst […]

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Google Maccabees Update Sydney SEO Agency

Google Maccabees Update: Investigation & Analysis

The Maccabees update rolled out in early December, and several websites noted traffic drops of anywhere between 20-30%. Google refused to acknowledge it as an update, calling it “several minor changes” to the Google core algorithm. Despite their reassurances, the data tells a very different story. Minor though the changes may have been, their impact […]

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