A lot of people misunderstand what SEO content writing is all about. It’s not about stuffing a bunch of keywords onto a page, and it’s not about writing your landing page copy once and forgetting about it. To be successful with modern day content writing for the web, you need to speak your audience’s language and give them something more than just a sales pitch. Your content strategy needs to be relevant, specific and above all frequent. Gone are the days of ranking static websites.Your website needs to be kept alive with fresh, dynamic SEO-friendly content that will keep your audience coming back from more.

Our talented team of SEO copywriters know how to speak the language of the modern-day web user and have experience writing for a variety of different industries.

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Financial Content Writing

Our finance writers specialise in finance writing for a wide range of institutions including loan providers and investment agencies. When writing for the financial industry, it is especially important to be on the cusp of new trends and to understand the technical aspects of complex topics like investing, interest rates and global trade. Our financial copywriters are experts in identifying trending finance topics and conveying complicated issues in user-friendly language.

Hospitality & Tourism Content Writing

We have access to professional tourism and travel writers who have written for websites that promote tourism for major international cities. Effective SEO copywriting for the tourism industry has to be evocative and aspirational in tone while capturing the topics and search terms that tourists are most interested in. Our talented tourism writers know how to use the right language to sell everything from hotel rooms to all-inclusive trips.

Technical Content Writing

Technical writing is an industry in itself, and we have access to some of the best technical writers in the business. Finding the right technical writer is hard, because he or she has to have an intricate knowledge of topics that are beyond the grasp of most people as well as the ability to convey those topics to a layperson. Whether you need IT writing, technology writing, science writing or more, SEO Sydney has you covered.

Arts Content Writing

The arts can be difficult to write about because they are so subjective and hard to translate into everyday language. The arts writers we employ can wax poetic on everything from music to drama to cultural events and festivals, using language that is both informative and evocative. From play reviews to music festival promotions, our arts writers can deliver on all your needs.

Medical Content Writing

Our healthcare and medical writers have experiencing writing web copy for all sorts of healthcare institutions, from hospitals to clinics to independent practitioners. With medical writing, attention to detail and sophisticated knowledge are key. Rest assured that our medical content writers have both the necessary background and writing ability to address complicated topics such as mental health, pharmaceutical developments and medical technology.

These are just a few of the topics that our team of SEO web writers can write about. If you require content writing for your website or blog, contact us today for a quote.

There is far too much generalised content on the internet. Businesses copy competitors, or even just use competitor’s sites as a guide to write their content. This is not going to help your rankings. Too many websites in competitive industries end up all sounding the same, whether they are aware of it or not. The content of your site helps you sell what you do, and if you sound like all the other businesses then how can you expect to stand out?

SEO Sydney pass on our knowledge and skill set to improve the visibility and credibility of your online business. We have helped clients big and small to increase their breadth and vibrancy of content to in turn give them a leg up in rankings.Your website needs to be kept alive with fresh, dynamic SEO-friendly content that will keep your audience coming back from more.

As the days roll on and the algorithm changes we are seeing more respect given to freshness of content. Your site cannot remain static we are here to make sure that it is not. Buy some hours today and see the results!

Case Study

SEO Sydney Copywriting | Are You Selling Scenic Drives

SEO Sydney Copywriting | Are You Selling Scenic Drives

Sell My Car Sydney SEO Copywriting

SEO Sydney was engaged to create and implement a content strategy for Are You Selling. We had a couple of brainstorming sessions and derived a content strategy based on two main factors.  1. Location ie: geo location content and 2. Scenic drives based upon the idea that when you sell your car usually sellers have a second new one lined up as a more fitting/upgrade option. Given this, we created posts that focused on scenic drives and destinations that can be reached by car within the relevant state and created vibrant and share worthy content to fall in line with this copywriting SEO strategy.

Case Study

SEO Sydney Copywriting| Luxton Buyers Advocates Melbourne

SEO Sydney Copywriting| Luxton Buyers Advocates Melbourne



Melbourne Buyers Advocate Toorak by Luxton

Case Study

SEO Sydney Copywriting | Mould Removal Tweed Heads

SEO Sydney Copywriting | Mould Removal Tweed Heads

Sydney Copywriting SEO Mould Removal Tweed Heads