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PPC Performance Analysis: Understand What Your Results Mean


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You’ve completed the keyword bid and successfully set up your pay-per-click (PPC) Google ad. If you think the hard work is over, think twice. Whilst setting up a PPC requires research and dedication, tracking and understanding the metrics that come as a result is arguably an even greater task. Join us as we take a closer look into three insights you can employ in your PPC performance analysis, and what exactly each one means for your webpage.


Key Performance Indicators 

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the core goals you want to achieve out of your PPC campaign. Note that these goals should ideally tie in with the business objectives of your establishment. 

Historically, average click-through rate, conversion rate and impression shares have commonly set as KPIs for PPC ads. 


Click-through rate: indicates how often those who view your ad end up clicking it


Conversion rate: the percentage of users that take action from your ad per interaction. This could mean singing up to a newsletter, creating an account, adding items to a wishlist, completing a purchase, etc.


Impression share: the total ad impressions you actually get compared to eligible impressions you could get


Keep in mind the metrics above are not exhaustive, and KPIs can vary depending on the needs and objectives of your business. Further, you may choose different weekly and monthly benchmarks for each KPI. 

Quality Score

Perhaps one of the most important PPC metrics is your quality score. Essentially a ranking given to your ad by Google, the score is reliant on three key factors – click-through rate (CTR), ad relevance and landing page experience. 


To improve your CTR, look into altering your ad copy in a way that increases its relevance to your keyword of focus. Also consider running a keyword analysis to add more keywords, and remove those that have less search results. 


To increase relevance of your ad, simply reword it to add in your targeted keywords.


Improving the landing page experience goes a long way for your PPC ad’s quality score. Focus on ensuring your landing page is organised, useful and clear. 


Audience Insights 

Google Ads’ ‘Audience Insights’ feature may be instrumental in discovering unknowns about your target audience. This data comes from enabling the conversion tracking feature on your website, from which Google can make profiles highlighting which segment is most likely to convert. Key points such as the audience’s demographic, behavioural and psychographic features may be revealed. With this information post-PPC, you can ensure your next ad campaign is targeted to the audience group that is most likely to convert. You may find yourself refining your previous target audience, or discovering a completely new segment that resonates more closely with the value you provide. Ultimately, Audience Insights ensures your ads are better targeted to a relevant audience, and are influential in optimising the results of your PPC ad. 


How We Can Help

Understanding what your PPC ad results mean is no easy feat. Keeping in mind your KPIs, quality score and audience insights are a great starting point. Dive deeper into PPC performance analysis with SEO Sydney – we specialise in delivering pay-per-click search  results. 

To learn more about getting optimal PPC results, contact us today!

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